Carmen Electra Can’t Keep Her Legs Closed! (Photos)

Carmen Electra Can't Keep Her Legs Closed! (Photos) 0817

Carmen Electra flashed her panties during a routine dinner outing to Katsuya restaurant last night. Although I’m not sure what’s more routine – flashing her goods or going out to dinner! Girlfriend is looking svelte! I wonder what she’s been up to. The 40-year-old just posed topless for Lovecat magazine with the headline, “The Return of the Bombshell”. You can see she’s carrying the magazine in the pics.

Is it just me or does she look like Miley Cyrus here? I’m getting a huge Miley vibe. Is it the body shape or the face? I think a little bit of both. Maybe it’s the hair bun on top of the head. Miley tweeted a pic of her hair like that before she chopped it off. The fact that I know about Miley’s daily twit pics shames me more than I can say.

Despite carrying a photo around of only her long tresses covering her boobs, Carmen looks surprisingly demure here. Yes, she does flash her crotch to the cameras when she climbs in the car but anybody can make that mistake. Even Kate Middleton’s biscuit has said hello to the shutter bugs. Who here has watched Honey Boo Boo Child on TLC? I’m obsessed! I love me some Mama June and the fact that she has all her daughters referring to the vadge as a biscuit is beyond hilarious. And I almost lost my sh-t when Big Mama June explained why. But that’s for another time….

Getting back to Carmen. At least she had underwear on. Two claps for that. After all, you can take the model out of Playboy but you can’t take the Playboy out of the model! What do you think of the Carmen Electra photos? Did you think she sold her soul or is she finally looking her age?



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