Casey Anthony Said Her Dad Was Caylee’s Father

Casey Anthony Said Her Dad Was Caylee's Father

On the one year anniversary of Casey Anthony’s trial, new evidence has come to light about alleged sexual incest and abuse she claims to have suffered at the hands of her father, George Anthony.  In fact Casey thought that Caylee Anthony was her sister as well as her daughter!

In her defense attorney’s new book Presumed Guilty – Casey Anthony: The Inside Story, Jose Baez reveals that Casey suspected her dad was the father of her dead daughter, Caylee Anthony. Casey also wondered if her father killed Caylee to hide the evidence of the alleged years of sexual abuse.

The highly publicized trial saw Jose Baez grill Casey’s father George Anthony about the alleged sexual abuses he committed against Casey since the age of 12. He denied the accusations and the DNA evidence proved that George was not Caylee’s father.

Jose writes in his book that George made no such a denial when he was approached by the defense out of court. He writes, “When we sat him down and we talked to him he didn’t deny it. He just sat there and wanted to know what more she had to say. [HE] sat for perhaps 40 seconds with his head bowed. He didn’t say a word. We certainly noted that he didn’t deny it.”

The accusations are truly shocking, but we’re not sure if this is a way for Jose Baez to relish one of the biggest court case wins in history or if there is any truth to the matter.

Casey was accused of murdering her two year old daughter, but was acquitted on the murder charge. She was found guilty of lesser charges surrounding the cover up of the murder.

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  1. Sodeuproteu says:

    Bayez really is a disgusting pig and a media whore just like Casey, but at least she is trying to stay out of the light live.

  2. Riedinger117 says:

    She is such a piece of s–t nothing that comes out of that womens mouth is the truth.  She did the crime,she should have done the time. The trial was a joke, she has to live with herself knowing what she did.