Casey Anthony Knows She Won’t Get A Fair Trial In Orlando — Demands Trial Be Relocated!

Casey Anthony Knows She Won't Get A Fair Trial In Orlando -- Demands Trial Be Relocated!

It looks like Casey Anthony is a bit smarter than I would have originally thought. Even she knows she can’t get a fair trial in Orlando! The last time around she was acquitted of killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, and most of America felt that verdict was completely unfair. Now she is facing a defamation of character lawsuit being brought against her by a woman named Zenaida Gonzalez. This woman has filed the suit because Casey originally claimed that Caylee was kidnapped by a woman with the same name and even though the two have never met, being dragged into Casey’s drama in any capacity obviously could cause a bit of distress.

Casey and her attorney’s believe that she’ll never get a fair shake in Orlando and formally asked a judge to change the venue. According to Radar Online,

“It wasn’t surprising that Casey asked for the trial to be moved out of Orlando, despite the fact the Caylee’s mom was acquitted in the city. If the trial is to remain in Orlando, and Casey is found to be libel, this would be grounds for likely appeal. Zenaida is anxious for the trial to begin in January and finally having Casey testify under oath. Zenaida just wants to clear her name.”

The real issue is the fact that if she is found guilty of Zenaida’s accusations it would allow the Orlando’s DA’s office to appeal the not guilty verdict in her daughter’s murder. Many people believe that Casey killed little Caylee and I’m going to bet that if that verdict is over turned then the next trial would result in a conviction. I’m sure the DA would present things differently and connect the dots better.

Do you think changing the venue will change the outcome for Casey? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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