Casey Anthony’s Private Thoughts To Be Made Public

Casey Anthony's Private Thoughts To Be Made Public

Casey Anthony’s private thoughts are to be made public. When Casey Anthony was locked for the murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee Anthony, she started keeping a jailhouse journal to record her thoughts and feelings during the ordeal. We all know the infamous ‘tot mom killer’ was later acquitted of her daughters’ murder, but that journal remains and Zenaida Gonzalez‘ attorney would love to see it made public.

Gonzalez is the random name that Anthony accused of kidnapping while initially be questioned by police and the two are now embroiled in a defamation lawsuit.

“Casey is going to be grilled by Zenaida Gonzalez’ lawyers about her journals because they believe that Zenaida is mentioned in them and that is relevant information that the jury needs to hear,” a source close to the situation tells “Zenaida’s lawyers could ask that Casey’s journals be admitted into evidence so the jury could read and review during jury deliberations. It’s expected that Casey’s attorneys are going to vehemently oppose that line of questioning and any action to get Casey’s journals in front of the jury.”

Anthony has been hiding out in various Florida locations since her acquittal last year and she has recently gained a lot of weight which has helped her to go unnoticed.  Her trial with Gonzalez is set to hit court in January 2013.

Would you want a peek at these journals written by Casey Anthony?  Do you think they’d reveal anything about her daughters’ demise?  Tell us what you think in the comments below!


2 responses to “Casey Anthony’s Private Thoughts To Be Made Public”

  1. Stoneyjack says:

    Casey Anthony is an attractive & alluring lady. Her private thoughts are certain to be enthralling, enchanting, & exciting.

  2. Longdays61 says:

    Casey is a liar….those journals will not be the truth, they will be what she wants to believe.  She is not stupid, she knows that you never put on paper, what you don’t want others to read…there will be nothing but her pixy dusted bullshit in there…she can’t be honest, or have honest feelings…look how she acted when her daughter was missing. she thought only of herself, and how she was going to buy herself time….she lied upon lied to everybody and anybody…anything she has to say is a waste of her time…