CDL Exclusive: Interview With Agnes-Nicole Winter Of ‘The Gold & The Beautiful’

CDL Exclusive: Interview With Agnes-Nicole Smith Of 'The Gold & The Beautiful'

CDL recently had the pleasure of chatting with Agnes-Nicole Winter, CEO of Global Star Films and star of the award-winning film The Gold & the Beautiful. The feature film is getting lots of buzz around Hollywood and is already starting to raise eyebrows (the good kind of eyebrow raise) in other countries as well. As she worked to run a major film company as well as star in a majorly successful Scandanavian reality show  (Svenska Hollywoodfruar or “Swedish Hollywood Wives”), Agnes-Nicole Winter developed the premise for her fantastic movie, which details the happenings of a Hollywood socialite who learns that there’s more to life than fancy shoes and handbags. Agnes-Nicole has experienced the type of creative and professional journey we love to hear about here at CDL, so without further ado we’d like you to meet Agnes-Nicole Winter!

1. We understand that you are the CEO of Global Star Films, Inc., a film production company that you founded in 2005. Recently, you completed your first feature length film, which you wrote and starred in. Can you tell us a little bit about the film and your personal creative process?

Global Star Films is very proud of the completion of it’s first high budget feature, titled The Gold & The Beautiful. It is a hilarious family adventure film that focuses in on a trust fund supported, spoiled, Beverly Hills socialite who is forced out of her comfortable life when her father cuts her off and sends her on a treasure hunt in the desert with hopes that she will learn there is more to life than designer shoes and handbags. In essence, think about the scenario that would play out with Paris Hilton and company in 10 years if they don’t grow up.

I was really inspired by the current events we are all reading about in the tabloids. My intensions were to tell a story in a humorous way with a very important message to the young generation who live life in a dream world. The truth is that one day we all have to wake up and deal with reality to realize that the most rewarding experiences in life come with sharing and helping others. You can’t buy that satisfaction on Rodeo Drive!

It is a great film for the entire family to enjoy, filled with a talented all-star cast including everyone from the late Chris Farley’s brothers, Kevin and John Farley, to Jennifer Aniston’s father from Days of Our Lives, John Aniston.

Touching on my personal creative process, I am constantly busy so I know that ideas can come at any time. I am always prepared to jot notes in to my phone even while handling other business affairs. On that same point, I walk a fine line balancing both business and creative media. Where some people might consider it a hindrance, I consider it an advantage because my creativity supplements my abilities and allows me to see opportunities that others might not.

I found that strictly concentrating on my own projects and not being distracted by what and how others are doing is a great way to keep focused and remain on top of my game. Whether it’s my starring role on the hit TV series Svenska Hollywood Fruar (Swedish Hollywood Wives) or working on my feature film, The Gold & The Beautiful, I really understand that if too many hands touch a product, it loses its authenticity and focus. So I make sure to guide the project because I realized that I like to follow my instincts and they are usually right – but some people might just call me stubborn!

Finally, I have very good intuition regarding projects and people. I just know. Sometimes going forward it is not always easy to find an absolute correct path. Trusting yourself to take your decisions into action is essential and can be risky, but looking back, I can always see how the dots connected.

2. What were some of the hardships you faced while creating the film–did you experience any or was it all smooth sailing? Similarly, what was your biggest success?

Oh gosh. The film was really like fighting an uphill battle all the way through. I even had to pull my son, Cristofer, from college to help assist me. As a new company working on our first feature film, with a large cast and crew, it was challenging. But, our great director Jack Serino and team really pulled together and stayed strong.

With my hands all over the film, probably one of the hardest things to do was to balance private life with work life. There is such a fine line that I was walking during production. I would wake up at dawn to get to set and oversee the preparations for the day, then act during my scenes, and then stay afterward to watch the dailies and prepare for the next days shoot, and meet with the production crew and cast. You really have no life outside of the production, but it was well worth it and I’m very proud to share our final product, The Gold & The Beautiful, with the world. I’m convinced the film will be a family favorite for a long time.

The biggest success I had was to bring the project to completion and winning all the prestigious awards for the film so far. We won the Audience Choice Award at the Treasure Coast International Film Festival, the Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board, the Golden Halo Award from the Southern California Motion Picture Council, in addition to nominations for Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Original Song from two other festivals. I personally received the Award for Outstanding First Lead Performance in The Gold & The Beautiful! It really feels fantastic to win and have people recognize our hard work and achievements in the entertainment industry. It’s a great success for all of us involved!

3. So, you’re a big deal in Hollywood, but some might say you’re an even bigger deal in Sweden, the country where the extremely popular reality show Svenska Hollywoodfruar (“Swedish Hollywood Wives”) airs. You and your two sons are the main stars of this hot, #1 show. So, tell us the truth . . . is your family like the Swedish version of the Kardashians? What’s it like having a film crew follow you around and nosing into every aspect of your life? Does your family have any creative ways to find privacy?

First off, the show airs all over Scandinavia, in 4 countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, so much larger audience than Sweden alone. The success of the show was really a pleasant surprise for all of us. It immediately became a huge number one hit and is now in season 5. I would not compare us to the Kardashians because what they have done to become international stars through a reality show is unprecedented. But, if we were both walking on the streets of Sweden, we would definitely be the ones drawing larger crowds! Our show is formatted as a much cleaner reality show if I can even say that. The families remain mostly separate and rarely interact, which takes out lots of the fabricated drama to really focus on the real documentary style reality of our lives.

Having the film crew around can be really stressful and hectic. They are super nosy like you said and always want to catch everyone off guard. There is literally zero privacy inside and outside of my home when we are filming. To try to have at least a private conversation, we would pass notes to each other! They can do wonders in editing so I am always watching what I am saying even while the cameras are off.

4. Can you tell us about what you’re currently working on? Any hot, top secret projects that you’d like to make known to the world?

With the recent completion of The Gold & The Beautiful, our team and I have been working around the clock creating a marketing campaign and distribution plan for the film. Outside of that, we have another film in the works called Precious Metal. We are also considering the opportunity to produce a TV series as we have been presented a great concept. We’ll see…

5. What is your family dynamic like? You’re very active in the community and your two sons are models with Ford Models. Do you all find it hard to balance your Hollywood lifestyles with your personal lifestyles?

Well, I am a single Mom who raised two sons in Beverly Hills. I always had friends who were terrific parents but had difficulty to enforce limitations and rules on their children. I really believe that there is no right or wrong way to be a parent, but structure and good values are essential. I have followed the same path throughout my life and now my sons are my partners in Global Star Films and also producers of The Gold & The Beautiful. Needless to say, we have a very strong, close bond between the three of us.

I am also the only person in my family living in America. I came here 25 years ago. Once I had Cristofer and Alexander we have developed the strongest relationship and the best team ever as can be seen in the Swedish Hollywood Wives, within Global Star Films, and in every other project that we work on. Overall, we are a very different family. I raised the boys on my own while working hard to support our lifestyles. They would always help out with as much as they could and are finally taking off some of the load from my shoulders. But, being alone in a foreign country really can be tough, and it strengthened our relationship and helped us become not only family members, but also respectful friends and work partners.

Balancing our Hollywood and personal lifestyles is hard at times, but the fact that our fame is in Scandinavia allows us to mostly live out our lives here in Los Angeles without anything too crazy. Except for the groups of Scandinavian tourists or residents that find us here, of course! It really gives us the best of both worlds.

6. If you were to look into a mirror and see your future self, what kind of person would you like to see? What do you hope that person would have accomplished?

I would like to see myself relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii after The Gold & The Beautiful is distributed domestically and internationally. I have been working so hard to build this company over the last 7 years without any real vacation. Securing proper distribution for the film would be a huge triumph for the company and me. I also see myself  continuing to build our company Global Star Films, with the same passion and the successful production of many more projects. I’m a great supporter of charities and would like to see myself as the single mom who succeeded to make the American dream a reality, and I like to share it with others in need who just couldn’t.

I’m also a great supporter of charities and would like to see myself as the single mom who succeeded and made it, and share it with others in need who just couldn’t quite make it.

7. Now . . . for the FAST 6!

1. Favorite food?

Beef ribs – I can’t get enough

Princess Cake – Sweden’s favorite cake for Sweden’s favorite princess

2. What’s the one thing people might not realize about you upon first meeting you?

That I run a film production company –Yeah, there is much more to me than just the blonde hair and mini skirts!

3. Favorite celebrity?

Cameron Diaz and Charlie Sheen

4. Significant other? (Oh, and please don’t say your significant other/romantic interest is your career–EVERYONE gives me that response *hahaha*). Are your sons dating anyone famous?

Not at the moment — but very hopeful to find Mr. Right!

5. Guilty pleasure?

Shopping – what else?! I love Designer shoes and handbags!

6. Favorite TV show?

Two and a Half Men

More on The Gold & The Beautiful:

Presently, Agnes-Nicole is CEO of Global Star Films, Inc., a film production company she founded in 2005. Global Star Films recently completed its first high budget feature film, The Gold & The Beautiful, in which Agnes-Nicole is also the writer and star. The operation on all production is lead by Agnes-Nicole and her sons, Cristofer and Alexander.

The Gold & The Beautiful is a hilarious family, adventure, comedy film that stars Kevin Farley, John Aniston and Agnes-Nicole the director, Jack Serino and the theme song written by Carol Connors, the two time Oscar nominated singer and songwriter. The film has an all-original soundtrack. Viewers rave that it is “A fabulously funny, family film with lots of heart.”

The Gold & The Beautiful is the winner of the Audience Choice Award and Outstanding First Lead Performance for Agnes-Nicole in the film at the Treasure Coast International Film Festival, The Golden Halo Award given by the Southern California Motion Picture Council, also won the Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board for being the Best Comedy Feature Film in addition to being nominated for the Best Comedy Feature Film at The International Family Film Festival.

Make sure to check out Agnes-Nicole over at her WEBSITE as well as at her professional home at Global Star Films, Inc.

Disclaimer: The above responses have been reproduced in their entirety with permission from Agnes-Nicole Winter© 2012 CDL

Editorial Note: In an earlier published version of this interview, Ms. Winter’s name was wrongly identified in some areas as “Agnes-Nicole Smith.” Please note that her name is Agnes-Nicole Winter.

Image Courtesy ofGlobal Star Films