CDL Exclusive: Lauren Conrad, Mandy Moore and Mariska Hargitay – Lela Rose Spring 2013 Show (Photos)

Lauren Conrad, Mandy Moore and Mariska Hargitay At Lela Rose Spring 2013 Show (Photos)

Another great day of fashion has wrapped up during New York’s Fashion Week and Celeb Dirty Laundry was fortunate enough to be front and center at Lela Rose’s show that took place at The Studio at Lincoln Center, on Sunday morning.  There was a press call an hour before the show which gave us an opportunity to meet Lela and peruse the designs that the models would shortly pour themselves into before taking their spin on the runway. The spring collection itself is visually stunning. It’s inspired by Jim Hodges, an American artist who has taken a liking to mirrored elements and emotional duality. I took a few minutes ogling the dresses with frail lace, silver stamped prints and evening dresses in delicate organza and chiffon.  Each dress hung beside a bag that had a model’s headshot, jewelry and other essentials that would carry the dress off. Beneath the racks lay a mountain of shoes that quite frankly, I wanted to cram into my bag and bring home with me.

Finally at about 15 minutes before show time we were allowed onto the risers which were mostly standing room only for this jam packed show.  A sea of well dressed people (mostly in black) floods in through the main door as an acoustic version of The Pet Shop Boys classic, West End Girls plays over the speakers. The excitement in the tent begins to build and I’m watching for the celebs that are confirmed for this show. Mandy Moore eventually breezes in wearing a lemon yellow dress, black and white booties and a black leather jacket.  She is cute but seems to me just a bit out of place here. That doesn’t stop her from turning on that infectious smile and working the room a bit.

Literally there is a burst of flashes that I see before I realize Lauren Conrad has entered the Studio. She has to be blinded the camera glare and I say that because I’m three rows directly behind her and I can’t focus myself. You’d think it was 2009 and The Hill’s were still a reality television obsession for girls everywhere! I always love Lauren’s style and today she certainly didn’t disappoint in a 50’s style gray dress with turquoise embellishments. Her hair was pulled into a topknot that totally complemented her look.

While everyone was falling over themselves to see Lauren they totally missed Mariska Hargitay waltz right through the front door wearing a simple yet stunning black dress with lace sleeves. I mean even I didn’t see her coming; all of a sudden she was beside Lauren with little or no fanfare- at least for a second.

After about five minutes of posing for the photogs the stars took their seats and the music was cranked.

Lela Roses’ models all look like they could be sisters. They are tall with honey hair that is pulled up half way into a twist. While the collection was beautiful hanging backstage it is even more stunning in action. They flow and move beautifully and the detail on each piece is more apparent when worn by a model. If you’re a fashionista then you need to take a look at this collection because it is both stunning and wearable. My personal favorite is the green sleeveless dress. The fabric lays perfectly and it appeared to float down the runway. Take a look at some of the gorgeous photos and tell us what dresses and ensembles you’ve fallen in love with! Also, don’t forget to check out CDL’s behind-the-scenes video coverage, too! You can find that below.

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