CDL Giveaway: Get Promo Passes to See Advance Screening of ‘Roller Town’ in Select Canadian Cities

CDL Giveaway: Get Promo Passes to See Advance Screening of 'Roller Town' in Select Canadian Cities

Roller Town is a movie about a roller-skating loving town that gets overtaken by a bunch of video-game-loving baddies intent on turning the city’s beloved roller rink into a sketchy arcade. The movie sounds like it’s going to be super fun, and if you live or are near Canada, then be sure to check the list of cities to see if you might be able to get a super-special promo pass to attend a screening of the film!

If you live nearby Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, or Halifax, then you can use one of the following promo codes to access your pass. But think fast, because each promo code is only usable five times each. So the promo passes will be given away on a first come first serve basis.

Here is the official synopsis for the movie, in case you’re eager to learn more about it: “When a roller skating-obsessed town is over-run by video game shilling gangsters, only one man has the funk deep enough to boogie them back to oblivion. When mobsters set up shop in the quiet beach community of Brookfield and try to turn the roller rink, Roller Town, into a money-making video arcade, local roller-skating hero Leo (Mark Little) is forced to fight back. There to help him are his best friends Music (a jive-talking break-dancer) (Adam Bayne) and Julia (a high-society rich girl/the girl of Leo’s dreams) (Kayla Lorette).” For more information on the movie, head on over to Roller Town The Movie.

The directions are simple: CLICK HERE to be directed to the facebook page of D Films. When there, “like” their page, grab the code that corresponds to your closest city, and follow the instructions to redeem your tickets.

RTCDLTo – Toronto
RTCDLMtl – Montreal
RTCDLOtt – Ottawa
RTCDLVan – Vancouver
RTCDLVic – Victoria
RTCDLEdm – Edmonton
RTCDLCal – Calgary
RTCDLWin – Winnipeg
RTCDLHal – Halifax

If you go see the movie, let us know what you think! The advance screenings will be held on September 20th at 7PM in each city.