Celebrity Wife Swap Recap, Season 1 Episode 5 Finale Antonio Sabato Jr. and Mick Foley 1/31/12

Celebrity Wife Swap Recap, Season 1 Episode 5 Finale Antonio Sabato Jr. and Mick Foley 1/31/12

Tonight is the  season finale of Celebrity Wife Swap and  General Hospital alum Antonio Sabato, Jr. and wrestler Mick “Mankind” Foley trade lives tonight.  Stand by as well live blog the episode tonight at 9PM with all the up-to-the-minute details!

Superstar pro-wrestler and author Mick Foley and his wife, former model Colette, have been married for 21 years. They share a luxury condo in Florida with their wrestle-maniac children — Dewey (19), Noelle (17) Mickey (10) and Hughie (8). The family also consists of Randall, a yet-to-be-house-trained puppy. Colette feels loved but unsupported and underappreciated since she’s the one who picks up all of the toys, makes the beds and even cooks a different meal for each family member every day.

Heartthrob actor/model Antonio Sabato, Jr. Antonio and his conservative Christian fiance, Cheryl are two self-admitted clean freaks. They keep a spotless home, the cars are kept clean and shiny, and neither one will be able to sleep at night if the tea kettle is on the wrong burner. Cheryl keeps a six-page, 65-item checklist of daily duties that must be done to ensure the household is properly maintained.

After a week of fun and insight, the time spent apart for one of the couples proves to be too much and makes for an explosive reunion, on the Season Finale.

We will be live blogging the episode tonight with all the up-to-the-minute laughs and drama.   So stop by at 9PM to this spot and refresh often!

RECAP: Nick Foley and Antonio Sabato Jr. are about to turn their lives upside down. At Antoinio’s house, his young daughter helps out a lot, his fiancé considers herself OCD with 65 items on her to do list for Mick’s wife.

Mick prides himself as being a family man, he considers his children to be a hand full. At their house, everyone eats different meals and his wife is hoping that Antonio’s wife will add some structure to their lives.

It’s the morning of the swap, the women prepare to head out to each other’s homes for a week. Before they meet the families, the women will have chance to aquaint themselves with each other’s homes. Both the women figure out which celebrity family they will be spending their week with.  Colette, Mick’s wife, is surprised that Cheryl, Antonio’s wife admits that she and Antoinio are both OCD.

It’s time for the wives to meet their celebrity families. Mick walks in and finds Cheryl already cleaning up, he is very surprised that his wife will be spending a week with a sex symbol.

Colette meets Cheryl’s family and their are very surprised that she is married to “Mankind”, they are big fans. Colette is happy to be in a house that is so tidy, but she thinks the whole family works way to hard.

Cheryl hates how messy the condo is and she finds the Colette does too much for the family.

While Antonio is at the gym, Colette gets to know the children, she finds that he pushes his daughter with too many activities. Colette has to get up really early in the morning just to keep up with the chores. Antonio admits that he and Cheryl fight and he wishes they didn’t.

It’s evening at the Foley condo, Cheryl is still cleaning up while everyone else is horseing around. Mick is glued to his computer, while the boys are completely out of control. Mick tells Cheryl that sometimes he wishes he looked a little better. Cheryl is finding that cleaning up after everyone is overwhelming, it’s not just the kids and Mick, but the dog as well.

It’s the morning of the rule change and the women are looking forward to running things there way. Cheryl plans to add more structure, Colette plans to have everyone lighten up a bit.

Cheryl new rules, 1 family dinner per week, everyone cleans their own room, Mick gets a makeover and new look, a dancing date with Colette.

Colette’s new rules, no more tight schedule, no more chores, Mina gets a break from piano and gymnastics.

Cheryl has the whole family helping out to cook the meal, it’s time to eat and Mickey puts up some resistance.

Colette is really excited to give Mina a day off, everyone is in the pool and enjoying the warm weather.  Cheryl puts a chart on the fridge, to teach the kids how to help out around the house. Mick is going for his makeover, first step is the dentist. The Foley are doing their best with their chores, but they don’t like it. Next, Mick heads to the hairdresser and gets a couple of inches taken off.

Colette heads out to the racetrack with Antonio and his daughter Mina, afterwards they spend time playing mini gold while Colette takes lots of photos. Surprisingly, Antonio is really happy with the day and thinks they need to do it more often. Mina tells her dad that her favorite new rule is, no chores.

Meanwhile, Mick returns from his makeover and the kids are really surprised on how good he looks. Cheryl is so shocked that the kids cleaned the house and they can all concentrate on family time. They head on over to the beach and Mick confesses he has only been there three times in the past year. Back at home, Cheryl is teaching Mick how to dance and kids join in.

The swap is over, the wives are preparing to return home. The couples will all meet with each other, before the wives return home.

Antonio tells Cheryl right away that Colette taught him that they do too much. Colette tells Cheryl that Mina is over worked and Cheryl blames Antonio. Mick told Colette that he was extremely happy about sharing the meal with the kids. Cheryl wrote a list, she tells Colette that the house was a disaster and you can see that Colette is a little offended. Antonio breaks in and tells Cheryl that they need to talk about this, but she is getting really upset and finds that he is being disrespectful. Antonio tells Cheryl that he loves her and she says she’s not sure that he does. Pretty much, everyone is ganging up on Cheryl for wanting everything to be perfect all the time and Cheryl tells them that God wants it to be perfect. Cheryl is so upset, she tells Antonio that she is sleeping at a hotel with the baby, she is not going home. Cheryl walks away crying, Antonio follows her and tries to talk to her.

Cheryl and Antoinio are in the limo, he tells her that he cares about her a lot and loves her, he tries to apologize but she won’t have anything to do with it. Cheryl won’t listen to Antonio, she insists on being dropped off at a hotel, she’s not going home.

Meanwhile, Mick and Colette feel guilty – because they have learned a lot and wish that Cheryl could be the same way. Colette arrives home and everyone is very happy to see her.

Two weeks later, Cheryl is back home, she realizes that her emotions got the best of her, her pride got in the way.