Celebrity Wife Swap Season 1 Episode 4 Niecy Nash & Tina Yothers Wrap-Up

Celebrity Wife Swap Season 1 Episode 4 Niecy Nash and Tina Yothers Wrap-Up

Have you been following Celebrity Wife Swap? Tonight’s episode has to be one of the best so far and we recapped it. Personally I am not a fan of Niecy Nash, but she kind of changed my mind tonight, how about you? Did you like seeing the real Niecy?

I loved the fact that Niecy wasn’t recognized by her new family as a celebrity, but Tina Yothers was — just hilarious!

Did you like when Niecy arrived in her hot pink boa and her Louboutins? That was an outfit to die for! I thought when Niecy had to cook Bambi she was going to faint, personally I would not have done it, would you?

Tina was so lucky to have a personal trainer, stylist and makeup artist pamper her, wouldn’t mind it myself, you? I found the camping trip was a hoot, Niecy getting in the canoe was priceless, she was a really good sport until she called someone to take her to a hotel and refused to sleep on the ground. Do you think she should have left, or sucked it up and stayed with the family sleeping on the ground in the wilderness?

I found Tina’s family very down to earth, but I kind of felt sorry for Niecy’s family.  Niecy has a new significant other and none of the family spends that much time together. Did you find that was wrong? I did.

I loved the way Niecy pampered Tina’s family and took them to a premiere, it was nice to see them really enjoy themselves. Tina’s rule change in having the whole family (minus grandma who was having a break) make dinner and sit down for the meal together, was heart warming. What do you think, should Niecy try to get closer to her children and maybe have a few less manicures and pedicures?

I give Niecy props for not letting Bobby go to dinner, he had a tantrum and deserved to be punished – I hope Tina takes some of her advice, don’t you?

I loved how the two couples meet at the end and both seemed to really listen to each other. The only part that I don’t like is that they don’t tell us what changes they made after the show like the regular Wife Swap. What do you think, should they show us what happens after the show – if the families applied any of the changes?

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