Channing Tatum, Christian Bale or Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Prefer a Relationship or a Fling?

Channing Tatum, Christian Bale or Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Prefer a Relationship or a Fling?

According to a new survey done by Badoo, it seems that 4 out of 10 women surveyed would rather have just a casual one-time fling with Channing Tatum. Is that because all the women that went to go see Magic Mike and thought of him more as a sexpot, beefcake than boyfriend material. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that Tatum is married himself to actress Jenna Dewan Tatum.

On the other hand there was a handful more women that said they wanted to be in a long-term relationship with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. That’s not supposed to happen! JGL is my imaginary boyfriend! Kidding, kidding. But it is good to see my boy getting some love. I feel that after 500 Days of Summer more and more people fell in love with him and his character, not that I blame them at all. 40% of the votes would rather have that relationship than a quick, meaningless fling (although I’m sure it wouldn’t be meaningless to Tatum lovers out there).

Then thrown into this bunch they have Batman/Bruce Wayne himself, Christian Bale. For some reason, Bale doesn’t do anything for me but that doesn’t mean anything. Bale managed to get half the women that voted for him to think he was relationship material and the other half of the voters think he was good for a fling. Seriously?

Yes, Bale might have made people forget what a douchebag he was when he went on a vicious tangent a few years on the set of Terminator Salvation with his recent visit to Colorado to see victims of the midnight Batman massacre. While I do think that was a very nice thing to do, whether it was his idea or someone in his team’s idea, can we really forget how awful he sounded? I would never want to get on the bad side of Bale. Just imagine Bale as Harvey Dent/Two Face…I bet he’d be convincing!

Who would you rather?

6 responses to “Channing Tatum, Christian Bale or Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Prefer a Relationship or a Fling?”

  1. Anna says:

    While you’re busy hating on and calling Bale a douchebag based on one incident, I hope you’ll find information about how JGL treats his fans (esp. nowadays) when they try to say hi or get an autograph. Maybe the fact that Bale has been married to the same woman for a number of years leads them to believe he’s relationship material? Maybe you should ask his wife…

    • IMM says:

      Anna 100% agree with you on Bale, I have seen him spend a lot of time signing autographs for his fans, he’s one of the best actors of this generation, he’s been married for 12 years to same woman and he’s extremely attractive. It’s unfair to judge someone because of one incident,

  2. Mim Main says:

    wow you are a horse’s ass. Bale has been married for 12 years and apparently is a committed father. Learn to do some checking facts before you go off(Bale style, you hypocrite)calling people names. Totally uncalled for and I am no Bale fan. PS are you Paul Ryan lying and making s–t up? so you have no info that his people did it but you spin that out there to justify what is truly a slimey piece of BS? grow up.

  3. Hot For Bale says:

    Christian Bale is someone I’d admire for his dedication to his work, family, and personal life. I don’t care what kind of bad things you have to say about him or that he goes off on rants, I see who he really is, I don’t need to be convinced otherwise.

  4. cari says:

    Yes, I have to agree with all the 3 previous posters. Bale is a devoted husband and father. He is also an actor’s actor and the consummate professional. He has the largest fanbase online around the world for a reason. As a Balehead since 1996, I can assure you what happened on the set of terminator was instigated by the director McG and also recorded purposefully to get spin for the movie only, without Bale’s knowledge. So to actually believe the ‘spin’ you gossip writer’s put out there is kind of naive and simple minded. He is the greatest actor of his generation and his body of work to date is proof of this. BTW, if Bale doesn’t do anything for you, you must be missing a gene.

  5. Gray says:

    I don’t understand why everyone can’t just forget Bale terminator rant. He already apologized and changed. So, there’s no need to keep remind everyone about it. It have been for years. I wonder why, maybe you are saint who never make mistakes unlike us normal human being. Or maybe you are jealous because Bale is popular and you are not.