Charlie Bell And His Divorce Hell With Greedy Plastic Surgery Wife Kenya

Charlie Bell And His Divorce Hell With Greedy Wife Kenya

Charlie Bell and his greedy wife Kenya Bell are all over the news and it is about how she is trying to take this dude to the cleaners – and we mean take him there express!  Holy Divorce Court Drama!  Ring the Bell, Ding, Ding. It’s Charlie Bell the basketball player who plays for Otto Caserta in Italy vs his soon to be divorced wife Kenya who stars in the VH1 series, “Basketball Wives.”

The gloves are off guys. (And mind you guys when this came out she was still giving statements this morning, talk about angry, WOW!)  Kenya is pissed off that Charlie is shopping in Louis Vuitton while she is in need of money in order to support their two children, (so she says Hmm…). Charlie thinks this is laughable and ridiculous because he gave her $200,000 before he left the states to go to work.

He is equally (if not more) upset with her for spending money like it’s growing on trees. Let’s look at the tally shall we, (Oh yeah he told it all!! love it!! but I’m just going to hit the hot spots). $110,000 on plastic surgery for her (which she denies and she doesn’t look any better for it Meow!), $20,000 on criminal lawyer fees. That one surprised me because Kenya who are you bailing out of jail. Oh!! maybe just yourself when you cut him with a box cutter (Ouch!!!!). Also Mrs. Kenya also spent $150,000 on personal item because she felt like it and wanted to get back at her husband for something.

I side with Charlie because with all that spending that she’s been doing her children should not be suffering at all. Kenya you’re darn greedy so get the heck out of here, that’s why the judge doesn’t want to hear your cries or see your crocodile tears. What you have spent people don’t even make in 2, 3, 4 years. (Unbelievable) Charlie keep your head up and keep providing for those children, there is no court anywhere that is going give her any more money than what you’re already giving. Can you believe this chicadoodles!!!