Charlie Sheen Says He Is ‘Not Crazy Anymore’

Charlie Sheen Says He Is 'Not Crazy Anymore'

Charlie Sheen is “not crazy anymore” and he says so himself.  Charlie was fired from ‘Two and a Half Men’ last year as a consequence of his endless crack binge and public battle with Chuck Lorre. Now the celeb claims that he has mellowed out and abandoned his insane behavior.

Charlie said: “I’m not crazy anymore. That was an episode. I’m a different person than I was yesterday. Let’s just say I have a mellower plan.”

During his binge and follow-up tour Charlie became famous for his incessant use of the phrases “tigerblood” and “winning” but says he now finds it strange when people use these catchphrases on him.

Charlie said: “I find it really strange now when someone comes up to me in the supermarket and says ‘Winning!'”

Charlie’s next project is the new TV show ‘Anger Management.’ His role is as a therapist and he jokes that he has already “researched” the role – saying: “I spent a year in anger management, so I already did my research.”

‘Anger Management’ provides Charlie with the potential to make people forget his scandalous exit from his last TV show saying: “I just didn’t want ‘Two and a Half Men’ to be my television legacy. I wanted to do something that ended better.”

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Image credit to Pacific Coast News

10 responses to “Charlie Sheen Says He Is ‘Not Crazy Anymore’”

  1. Lucy says:

    stop with these silly headlines he was NEVER crazy, this sentence is snarky jab in direction of the so called ‘crazy, meltdown’ labellisation medias made..nothing more nothing less, and by the way it just show how pathetic medias are.
    Can’t wait for Anger Management, can’t wait when REAL journalism comes back from the death.

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  4. Bjloewen1 says:

    My girlfriend Karen and I Sat outside the old army barracks in kamloops watching the making of the movie Cadence. We sat off in the distance trying to look inconspicuous  But one day Karen being adventurous decides she would go up to the chain link fence and take a closer look.
     Charlie comes over and ask if she would like to see the making of the movie from inside.
    She said that Charie was a very kind gentle person. She enjoyed his sense of homor as well. I missed out on that day as I was back in Kamloops If i remember it to be the year 1990?
    Back then Charlie was quite the good looking man. i think he just had some depression and needed to work things out. Depression can affect anyone of us, and I think just because we have money and an actor doesn’t make any of us immune to this sickness. Life changes as well as past experiences can take a tow on even the best of us. Charlie appears to be a sensitive man inside and a very deep thinker. The drugs aren’t good for anyone it only ads more problems to our life.
    Things can happen to us at any time, and maybe Charlie had to work through all of this We can’t judge him only our father in heaven will judge us all. I don’t agree with somethings he’s done in his past, but who of us can say we haven’t sin.
    Once we work through things and do what we can do to get our life back on track then go for it. I have seen personally people do a heck a lot worst than this man and change completely. We all have things we have done. But if we want to make changes for the better the first thing we have to do is be humble enough and say we have made mistakes, take action to change forgive our self and if need be look to a higher power and he will help us over come our weaknesses as long as we are sincere about changing for the better.
    So Charlie like anyone else in this world can make changes. Never look back move forward. When you drive your car you keep your eyes on the road ahead, but occasionally you have to look in the rear view mirror. Thats with our life. If we kept looking in that rear view mirror and never took head to the road a head we may hit an obstacle. life gives us obstacles all the time. So don’t look back unless its going to help us on our journey ahead. anyways thats just my opinion and free will to give it.

  5. chicka says:

    not crazy? did you see what he was wearing? velour pants, a stripper t-shirt and boots? f*cking insane!!!

  6. Camillon says:

    charlie is all right with me

  7. Kimberly Guenther says:

    Wha????   Sure,…and Dr. Phil really is a doctor right?

  8. Nomissa22 says:

    I wish him the best but I don’t for a minute think he has grown up.

  9. 9/17 says:

    Charlie’s behavior was textbook “bipolar manic.”  His cycle must be over with the help of drugs.  I hope he’s okay because he a great guy and actor.  It would be very difficult to fake these symptoms.