Christina Hendricks’ Israeli Cosmopolitan Cover With Breasts Exposed! (Photo)

Christina Hendricks' Israeli Cosmopolitan Cover With Breasts Exposed! (Photo)

It will be a happy Passover for the fellows in Israel as Christina Hendricks covers the April 2012 cover of Cosmopolitan Israel Magazine.  The last time we saw this much of Christina exposed was when her cell phone was hacked.  But the topless photos that appeared online then were NOT hers. The Kosher Cosmo cover is definitely Christina!

Unlike the famous Scarlett Johansson cell phone hack that resulted in real private pics of ScarJo – leaked nudes winding up all over the net, Christina’s hacked cell-phone shots were much ado about nothing.

At the time of the incident Christina’s rep replied to questions and admitted that Christina’s phone was hacked and multiple self-shots were stolen but the bare breast shot was not of her. We believe the rep since we have seen the photos and the breasts in the bare shot look too SMALL to be hers. This is a different case than Olivia Munn – her personal nude pics released today are real!

Hollywood Hiccups reports on the Cosmo coverMad Men’s actress Christina Hendricks, 36, covers the April 2012 cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine.   The photo on the cover is the same picture they used on the March 2012 Cosmo UK cover.  Christina wears a slinky gold dress with a revealing top and her breasts looking like they will pop out!

Christina who plays Joan Holloway in the TV Show recently revealed what gives her that wiggle.

Christina claims it is the 60?s underwear style she wears for the show.  She told Conan O’Brien: “We have the full undergarments and the slips and the thing over that. It’s a little bit of work to get dressed.  You put these things on and they make you stand upright and your body naturally moves a certain way.  I always thought that’s what made this sort of walk happen, although my husband teases me and says I walk like that at home as well.”

What do you think – are you loving the cover?

It’s nice to see Christina gaining an international reputation.  Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!  And all the best to Christina Hendricks – no anorexia happening there!

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