D.B. Sweeney Calls Robert Pattinson A Douche!

D.B. Sweeney Calls Robert Pattinson A Douche!

Some of you may be asking yourself who the heck is D.B Sweeney? If you are fans of the movie The Cutting Edge, then you probably remember him as the ex-hockey-player-turned-figure skater. He’s sort of fallen off the map since then. So who exactly does he think he is calling my husband Robert Pattinson a douche?

That’s right — D.B has his hate-on for the Twilight star, and he’s ticked off a lot of fans. The 50-year-old actor took to Twitter (what else is new) by taking Kristen Stewart’s side in the whole Kristen Stewart, Rupert Sanders affair. He basically said that K-Stew was right to cheat on Rob — her boyfriend of over 4 years (yes, for the record I allow Rob to see other people). Huh? What does he care? This is what he had to say:

“Just saw Pattinson on #DailyShow trying to figure out what took k-stew so long to look around with this douche astride her. #holytwit”

This did not sit well with Rob’s fans, with a lot of them on the defense and tweeting the actor back in response.

“@actordbsweeney how bout NOT talking about this at all? That would be more professional…but guess any PR is good PR for you?” tweeted one fan.

“@actordbsweeney I hate you. Do not mess with Rob,” replied another.

“Don’t talk sh** about the greatness which is Rob when your credentials can’t even match his” 

The harsh words didn’t faze D.B. In fact, he seemed to enjoy all the negative attention. I have to wonder if his taking Kristen’s side and talking smack about Rob has anything to do with with the fact that he just worked on the film K-11, a film that was directed by Kristen’s mother?  Pretty coincidental if you ask me.

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One response to “D.B. Sweeney Calls Robert Pattinson A Douche!”

  1. Arkansas says:

    How would that ugly douche Sweeney liked to be cheated on? If he even has a wife, she had better watch out since he apparently condones cheating!