Demi Moore Checks Into Utah Rehab Facility for Anorexia and Drug Addiction

Demi Moore Checks Into Utah Rehab Facility for Anorexia and Drug Addiction

There has been a lot of speculation over where Demi Moore has been hiding since her January 23rd hospitalization following her collapse and seizure-like symptoms after huffing Nitrous Oxide a party at her L.A. Home. Now, we are able to confirm that the 49-year-old actress is in treatment at the Cirque Lodge addiction center in Sundance, Utah.

A source attached to the Rehab center told E! Online that “[Demi]’s on total lockdown and only talking to a small group of people.”

Known for providing treatment to clients such as Lindsey Lohan, Eva Mendes and Mary-Kate Olsen, Cirque Lodge is said to specialize in “individualized addiction treatment,” meaning that it provides a high level of privacy. A blurb on the website explains why we haven’t seen or heard from Demi since her hospitalization: “with our remote location, we are out of the way of any unwanted visitors. Transportation to and from the Lodge is arranged in one of our private, unmarked vehicles.”

Demi was rumored to be staying inside her L.A. home after both Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis were spotted visiting. However, sources say that Demi has been in the treatment facility all week. The source said that actress opted to seek treatment when “It became clear to her that her way of coping with her stress was not working and she needed more help.”

Demi has been consulting with an intuitive healer and psychic medium but friends and family, including both of Willis and Kutcher have allegedly been begging her to seek real treatment for her anorexia and drug addiction.