Did Princess Diana’s Mental Illness Cause Prince William To Marry Kate Middleton?

Did Princess Diana’s Mental Illness Cause Prince William To Marry Kate Middleton?

Did Princess Diana’s mental illness cause her to treat Prince William more like a husband than a son?  Is this why William chose the perfectly balanced and dutiful Kate Middleton for a bride?  Lady Di was undoubtedly beautiful but it appears there were many faces to the People’s Princess and some of them weren’t so glamorous.

In her new book, Prince William: Born to be King, Penny Junor says Princess Diana was anything but the generous and loving mother we all came to admire. Instead, Juror says she was manipulative and damaging to her two young sons who were sheltered from knowing the truth of their mother’s questionable actions.

The reality was that Diana was not always as warm and demonstrative in private as she was in public,” Junor writes. “Away from the cameras, the boys saw the extremes of her moods and were often frightened and bewildered by them. She just didn’t know how to be a mother.

Junor claims Diana suffered from a mental illness that the royal family weren’t well briefed on. But the signs were there. After the engagement was announced, the 19-year-old went from a, “happy-go-lucky teenager into a volatile and unpredictable stranger.” And that’s one of the main reasons her marriage to Prince Charles deteriorated – not his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall.

Diana’s mood swings were violent and unnerving,” Junor writes. “In the blink of an eye, she went from cheerful and funny to brooding and sobbing, or furiously angry and screaming. At other times, she cut herself until she bled profusely. His wife needed constant reassurance, constant attention, constant love; but Charles had no idea how to cope. He became prone to temper tantrums, for which he didn’t always apologize. But he did everything she asked: he got rid of loyal staff whom she said she didn’t like; gave away the faithful dog she couldn’t stand; and stopped seeing the friends she neither liked nor trusted. But nothing seemed to make her happy.”

The validity of this book will naturally come under fire from many especially since it’s being published on Prince William’s 30th birthday, June 21. Although there are some new fiery claims, I’m not too sure people will spill their pockets to read more damning gossip about Diana.

By now we’re all well-versed on her depression, bulimia, and the unbearable loneliness she felt while married to Charles. To claim she was a bad mother to Princes William and Prince Harry would seem unbelievable. The Princes do not speak publicly of her often, but when they do, it is with love and undeniable devotion. Maybe some things were hidden from them but I always thought the problem with Diana was her inability to hide things from her sons – especially William. Diana famously used him as a shoulder to cry on when her royal life was at its worst. If anything, she should be called out for that – and she has. So when will we let this woman’s sins rest?

Are you interested in the book or do you think it’s just trying to capitalize on the new popularity of the young royals?

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  1. Vargamaria96 says:

    rubis,you hate diana!!!!!

  2. LTB says:

    Penny Junor has always been known to be an advocate of Prince Charles, especially when the Princess of Wales was still alive.  It’s not surprising that she’s continuing to sling mud at Diana, despite the fact that the woman has been dead for more than a decade.  And is there truly anything new that can be said about Diana?  I think Penny Junor’s just capitalizing on the immense popularity of Diana’s son and his wife — and it’s clear that she has no scruples about besmirching a dead woman’s name in order to do so.

  3. KIMBERLY says:

    SO, lets see. A reckless, self-centered, bad-tempered prince of a man with bizarre political beliefs and poor discipline meets a reckless, promiscuous woman of low self esteem, who presents herself as possessing the singular life goal of being a courtesan (high priced hooker) and bragging about it to the international press. As a result of her ignorant comments over several months, they are forbidden to marry to avoid damaging the reputation of the royal family. So they hatch a plot to find a young, naive, unprepared young woman with no experience or life skills to defend or protect herself. The lovers arrange the entire fairy tale of a royal marriage. On the very day of this young woman’s marriage to her prince, Camilla is already so territorial that she leaves a letter on the virgin bride’s bed. There is no sentiment so tender that it cannot come from the bride’s new husband, but only from his possessive lover. The lovers know that they are deliberately ruining Diana’s life but are too arrogant to care. They believe they will enjoy privilege together without responsibility or consequence.
    Diana immediately finds out she is trapped in a loveless, hopeless, marriage without defenses or allies. Nothing she can do will please her husband while rumors, stories and negative information continue to be leaked to the press. As she addresses consistent inside attacks she questions old friends, staff members, etc. and eliminates them in a an attempt to find  the source(s) of this nightmare situation. Diana is attempting to control her own life consistent with the authority of a future Queen of the Realm. Having little or no options, she upholds her duty and establishes herself as a woman who uses her authority to give a voice to those who would otherwise suffer in silence. Meanwhile, since her husband would not possibly lie to her and undermine her and her children in this horrific manner, the truth of Charles and Camilla’s vicious game are the very last thing to come to light. And isn’t it true that men who cheat never hesitate to lie, and lie continuously and completely, about it? Charles and Camilla never took a break from this lovefest. Their relationship continued unabated even to the point of allowing Camilla to publicly question the paternity of the royal line in an attempt to damage Diana. Why would Charles allow her to damage his own sons in this way? Doesn’t she have anything better to do? Why no, because Camilla’s entire life is full trying to hide the fruits of depraved indifference she has dribbled on everyone around her. Now there is a future Queen of England to look towards.
    Diana was moody? Angry, to the point of suicidal tendancies? Having a hard time coping? Mental ill? Possibly, but how about being cornered into a life picked for you by two morally depraved people who use you like an object for their amusement. I’m surprised there wasn’t more. I don’t really know any woman who could have coped with these circumstances being vomited in her face on a daily basis. However Diana choose to cope with herself, her children and her life in a total no-win situation, she was still doing so with the best she could manage with limited support, coping skills, and positive feedback from the palace. These simply has to be a limit. I have yet to see one from Charles or his lifetime lover, Camilla.
    Now, over thirty years after the unprecedented royal wedding and well over ten years since the death of Diana, the attacks continue.
    This sounds like the plot of “Dangerous Liaisons,” and the best
    outcome would be the same ending because only the truth does indeed set everyone involved free.

  4. Gianmarco Sabato says:

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  5. the man with the plan says:

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