Donald Trump Announces All-Star Version of Celebrity Apprentice!

Donald Trump Announces All-Star Version of Celebrity Apprentice!

Donald Trump, the business mogul who’s known for his fabulous hair, recently announced that he’ll be doing an All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, where past season favorites will have their chance to compete for a charity of their choice, as well as the coveted title of ALL STAR Celebrity Apprentice. This version of the show will be just like past seasons where fourteen contestants will travel around the Big Apple while trying to complete grueling, challenging, mentally-draining business-related tasks.

Trump is already getting super excited about the All-Star season, having said, “This season is going to be fantastic! We will have the first ever ‘All-Star Celebrity Apprentice’ with 14 of the best contestants from previous seasons. It’s going to be another amazing season!” And I’m sure, if the Trump says it’s so, that we can only expect fantastic things from these fourteen players — many of your favorites!

The lineup includes: Trace Adkins (first season competitor); actor, author, and entrepreneur Stephen Baldwin (first season); Academy Award-nominated actor Gary Busey (fourth season); magician, master illusionist and Vegas superstar Penn Jillette (fifth season); DJ artist, rap star and entrepreneur Lil Jon (fourth season); Poison frontman Bret Michaels (third season); NBA Hall-of-Famer Dennis Rodman (second season); rock star and Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider (fourth season); Star of ‘Taxi’ and best-selling author Marilu Henner (first season); entertainment icon La Toya Jackson (fourth season); television/radio personality and actress Claudia Jordan (second season); “The Apprentice” original all-star Omarosa (first season); actress, host, and author Lisa Rinna (fourth season); Playmate of the Year Brande Roderick (second season).

All of the contestants will have an amazing opportunity to bring awareness to their respective charities as well as compete for a nice chunk of change. Mark Burnette, executive producer, says, “I absolutely love The Celebrity Apprentice. No other show on television has such an entertaining cast, such a dynamic host, and also raises so much money for charity. This season is going to be more fun than ever, and our loyal fans will not be disappointed.”

Are you all excited for this new season of The Apprentice? Are you longing to be reacquainted with The Trump? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • chris

    I hope Brande is not representing the same charity as last time. They were sued by the Attorney General for fraud.

    There is a lot of information on the web about this charity. They should be called for profit, not non-profit…

    Since opening they have been sued by many people. A true non profit good
    working charity that the executive director of CPYC Chris Eaton used to
    be a program director of one of the chapters for, this was until he
    realized he could make money for himself by standing behind the name of a
    charity he could create and say he helps kids when in fact he spends
    the donations for personal gain. He has hired his personal family to
    work the organization and bring in a income of over $150,000-$200,000.
    This again is before he reaches out to help the at risk kids he says
    they reach out to I know the last time around Brandi Roderick played for this charity, I
    hope she has done her homework and has learned about this so called
    charity. If she is representing them…May she be kicked off right
    away… The California Police Youth Charities have been sued by the California Police Activites League for calling there client base.
    Mr. Eaton was sued by the Federal State Labor Board for cheating employees out of there weekly pay. The offices raising funds for his
    charity would work on commission and would not get paid for the hours in
    which they would work. Some employees would work for an extra 4 hours a
    day and get paid maybe $10 which would equal $2.50 per hour. The biggest hurdle they had to jump was when they got sued by the
    California State Attorney General Jim Brown for fraud and filing of false documents. They have a NO “0” Star Rating…Click on the Reviews, at the top of the page. Do your homework before you tell Mr. Trump who your charity is…Please do not represent the CPYC…Go to there site. It has not been updated since she was on the
    show representing them. Because that is the best thing that has ever come from this program….