Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Talking Marriage

Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield Talking Marriage 0821

It seems Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are not immune to the Hollywood penchant to hook up with your co-stars and get married as soon as possible. Will Smith did it. So did Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. Hell, Angelina Jolie did it twice to not so favorable results. The Spiderman cuties are said to be moving full speed ahead with wedding plans despite some nagging rational objections from family members. Don’t you just hate those?

“Andrew and Emma are crazy about each other, but they got serious very quick,” says an insider close to the pair. “There are fears that their passion for each other could overtake their passion for acting.”

Unlike most smitten couples, Revlon brand ambassador Emma, 23, and Andrew, 29, are actually heeding their family’s advice and putting business before romance.

“They realize What they have is special and instead of putting energy into planning a wedding, they’re helping each other find great movie roles.”

I thought this Star magazine story was just pure bullsh-t at first because I thought both Emma and Andrew were too young but then I found out Spidey is 29. That’s not so young and it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility to think he might be considering settling down. Besides, Emma’s a catch. Best to snatch her up now while he has the chance!

But, again, this is Star, so as much as I might want it to be true, I have my doubts. The couple have been out and about recently and have even been pulled over for a speeding ticket so it was only logical for Star to concoct a wedding story especially since Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel and Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have bored us this summer with all their faux weddings.

Anyway, they’ve only been dating since last summer, and although that’s an eternity to celebs like Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan, I bet Emma’s got a much sounder head on her shoulders. Or maybe that’s just what I’m projecting on to her. I like Emma and Andrew together but it would bother me if she rushed into something that I would associate with a mindless, Hollywood dumb ass. Is that fair? Probably not. Emma is a girl in love and a celebrity so I should expect her to do something stupid a la Kristen Stewart but I just want  more from her!  Don’t you?

Do you think the Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield wedding talk is just talk? Have they been together long enough to settle down or  is this a celebrity divorce waiting to happen?

Photo Credit: Gtres/FameFlynet Pictures