Famous Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide at age 68

Famous Director Tony Scott Commits Suicide at age 68

Most of you will remember director Tony Scott as the famous director of films including Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop II, as well as the brother of Alien director Ridley Scott. Sadly, Tony leaped to his death from the Vincent Thomas Bridge in San Pedro California yesterday.

The 68-year-old jumped from the bridge at about 12:30 pm, while onlookers witnessed his horrible leap. A passerby called 911 according to a statement released by the coroner’s office late on Sunday. His body was recovered from the water after 4 hours of searching, and a suicide note was left in his car.

Tony became a household name after directing the Tom Cruise film, where he then shot to fame directing other films such as True Romance, Days of Thunder, and Enemy of the State. Hollywood has been left devastated by the director’s death, which caused reactions to pour out on Twitter.

“Tony Scott as a friend and a mentor was irreplaceable. Tone, wherever you are, I love you man. RIP,” director and producer Joe Carnahan said on Twitter. 

Director Ron Howard said simply, via Twitter: “Tragic day.”

It appears his death has affected many, which is very understandable.  As far as his suicide note, nothing has officially been released. His family has also yet to comment, but no doubt is deeply grieving.  Rest in peace, Tony. We will keep you updated on any further developments regarding this story. If you were a fan of his movies, which ones were your favorite?