Fifty Shades of Grey Poll – Ian Somerhalder CHOSEN As Christian Grey! (Video)

Fifty Shades of Grey Poll - Ian Somerhalder CHOSEN as Christian Grey! (Video)

The coveted lead role of Christian Grey is one of the most sought after prizes in Hollywood. Several of the entertainment industry’s leading men have been touted for the titular role, but perhaps none more so than Vampire Diaries’ resident mannequin, Ian Somerhalder.  During another Fifty Shades of Grey poll – there are thousands out there – Somerhalder was once again chosen for the titular lead role. Somerhalder led the pack with 2 900 votes, while Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill’s combined total did not even make up half of Somerhalder’s votes. It’s a sign that the general public wants him to be Christian Grey – no matter what anyone says.

In this official MStarz News poll, a commentator said, “He has the dark and sexual look he would do it justice [sic]” Another fan of the trilogy wrote, “When I started reading the book I pictured Ian as Christian.” Yes, Somerhalder might be the perfect Christian, but this is one of the most predictable casting moments in the history of cinema. He is a clichéd choice. Also, it’s not a democratic vote, it’s a film casting.

E.L. James, the author of the erotic trilogy, is, however, interested in Henry Cavill for the lead role, not Somerhalder. This tosses up a bag of tricks. If public opinion points towards Somerhalder for the lead role and the casting directors ignore this, the film might suffer from collateral damage at the box office. If Somerhalder is cast in the role and the initial actor, Cavill, is tossed aside, the film might experience what is called “cinematic hype saturation” – where the film is so overhyped by the casting that the overall quality of it is ignored.

This farcical helter-skelter won’t be ending anytime soon, so if you’re sick and tired of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, raise your hand and smile like Mickey Rourke.

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12 responses to “Fifty Shades of Grey Poll – Ian Somerhalder CHOSEN As Christian Grey! (Video)”

  1. Wen do they have these polls an were do they load them? On Ians website. I have seen countless polls where Matt Bomer beats Ian an any1 else. Its not fair advertise 4 every1 so we can all vote

  2. 50shadesfan says:

    First of all, there are MILLIONS of fans of this trilogy, and just a teenie-tiny fraction of them vote in online polls. So to say the movie could suffer collateral damage for Ian not being cast is just ridiculous. I’m part of a large book club, and a few big Fifty sites and a lot of people DON’T want Ian as Christian, but they don’t vote online because they don’t have the time with work and families. Ian is just simply not the best actor for the role. Henry Cavill is much more charismatic and fitting to Christian’s description. Plus he’s a great young actor.

  3. […] whom women mysteriously seem to find extremely attractive, at least based on polls and all the Fifty Shades of Grey buzz.  In any case, if you’re reading this post you probably also love Ian so I better shut up […]

  4. amouna says:

    IAN is just the best cant see anyone but him henry is hansome and all but CG supposed to be breath taking henry is not ..

  5. rollababe says:

    Ian is it. He has the skills & smouldering looks for this role.
    Some might say its a cliched role. I don’t. His TVD role just proves his diversity & skill to play such a role.
    As for polls, I only ever see a couple now and then.
    Perhaps there should be genuine polls on E.L.Jame’s own site or the likes?? Then an actual true poll might be gauged.

  6. Salvatore83 says:

    ian somerhalder and lucy hale are perfect, we WANT THEM AS CHRISTIAN AND ANASTASIA ;)))))

  7. Ian Somerhalder would be perfect for Christian Grey. He has the look of Christian. When I was reading the book, all I could see was Ian. I cant see anyone else playing the part of Christian Grey than Ian Somerhalder. He has the dark sexy look. His eyes look grey. Just like Christian’s in the book. Hes perfect. I love Henry Cavill, but I dont think hes the right person to play a role like Christian. Ian should get it. Hes the one person who could do it and do it right!

  8. Matt4Grey … simple as that

  9. rosie says:

    Ian all the way…he is hot and his chemistry with Nina is amazing….I would watch the movie at least 3 to 5 Times if Ian stars in it….started to watch Vampire Diaries because of Ian and the book with my teenage kids…he is hot hot hot…Ian is Christian Grey….


  11. Anita Gobert says:

    I am excited to see the movie only because I believe Ian is the perfect cg. If Ian is not cg I won’t go see the movie. No one else in my mind comes close.