Fifty Shades of Grey, Now in Underwear

Fifty Shades of Grey, Now in Underwear

So if you are one of the million plus women (and men) who can’t get enough of the book Fifty Shades of Grey then you are in luck, your underwear drawer can soon be stocked to the brim with panties based on the erotic bestseller.

The author of Grey, E.L. James, has officially closed a licensing deal to sell official Fifty Shades of Grey underwear, shirts, stockings, pajamas, robes, garters, to name just a few, in North America, according to And to top it all off, there are three different granted licenses for the erotica-inspired apparel. FREEZE Clothing will take on the Fifty Shades T-shirts, knit tops and sweatshirts, HYP is set to market hosiery including stockings, garter sets and printed tights and Briefly Stated will create daywear and sleepwear (which includes pajamas, robes and underwear).

It seems inevitable (I’m sorry but I can’t say I am in the least interested in this book) that this book will become a movie as it seems the next logical step in the marketing process, I guess. Let us not forgot that this isn’t a Marvel movie or child’s cartoon turned into a movie, this is a erotic novel. With that said, sure, it seems logical that if you are going to put out a clothing line that it will be undies, sleepwear, things of that nature make sense. However, since they haven’t put out a movie yet and let alone cast anyone, why? Money, that’s why.

Will you be buying some of the new Fifty Shades of Grey clothing to show off to your boyfriend/husband/lover?

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