Globe: Brave Whitney Houston’s Desperate Battle With Her Killer

Globe: Brave Whitney Houston's Desperate Battle With Her Killer

The April 23rd, 2012 cover of Globe magazine features the cover story ‘Whitney Fought Her Killers.’   The magazine claims they have all the details on how the tragic star Whitney Houston was murdered. The magazine has documents that reveal bruises on Whitney’s body and how these bruises prove that Whitney fought her killer.

Globe has the scoop A bombshell autopsy report reveals Whitney Houston courageously fought for her life against her ruthless killer before being drowned in her hotel bathtub, say experts. Learn about the wounds that Whitney suffered and why experts like TV’s Dr. Drew Pinksy say the temperature of her bath water is a key clue to murder – only in this issue of GLOBE.

Whitney’s final autopsy report says she died of a cocaine overdose and a bloody discharge was running out of her nose when she was found dead. Whitney’s final autopsy report also says that cocaine, a spoon with cocaine, and a rolled up paper for snorting cocaine were found in her hotel room along with other drug paraphernalia.  It seems Globe has new information that suggests that the conclusions of the Coroner’s report regarding the cause of death are wrong and there has been a coverup.   What do you think is there a conspiracy to hide the truth about Whitney’s death?  Sound out in the comments and let us know.

Also included in this week’s issue the magazine has gotten their hands on some pictures of Kate Middleton as a child.  Their exclusive Royal Photo Album features baby pictures that only her family and friends have seen.  The photos included baby Kate with her mom, at a party and with her baby buddies.

To find out all the details on Globe’s claims that Whitney was murdered, see all Kate Middleton’s baby photos and more, pick up the current issue of Globe Magazine.  You know we will be heading out to buy it! 


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