Halle Berry Battles Gold Digger Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry Battles Gold Digger Gabriel Aubry

Back to court we go! Halle Berry’s ex, Gabriel Aubry, is taking her to court for $20,000 in child support.  Excuse me! Come again! The child that I am talking about is their 4 year old daughter Nahla.

That being said isn’t Gabriel is a working model, so why does he need child support when he has their daughter with him on visitation let alone $20,000!  He is also suing her for $500,000 to pay for his lawyer fees (can you believe it!).

The case is still pending because there was something wrong with the paperwork.  Halle wants all this settled because she wants to move from LA to Paris where her fiancé lives.  Now if she does this it will affect the child support he is asking for.

I am telling you Halle is a beautiful woman but she has the worse luck with men.  First there was the baseball player, David Justice who, allegedly, hit her then ex-husband Eric Bonet who cheated on her after being married to her for years.

Now we have Gabriel who for all intents and purposes (excuse me bobocito) is coming off as a little goldigger.  You know what Halle, for someone that comes off as a classy chica you keep a lot of drama around you in your personal life Hmm…

Is it you or them I don’t know?   Look Halle you look very very happy with your fiancé, Olivier Martinez and it looks like a stable relationship.  All you can do is hope you have a judge with some common sense and it will all work out.  Good Luck Chica!