Harry Styles Cheating On Taylor Swift – That’s How She’ll See It!

Harry Styles Cheating On Taylor Swift – That’s How She’ll See It!

Oh Harry Styles… You’ve been a party boy, haven’t you? According to a new report after Harry dropped off his GF Taylor Swift at the airport, he went to a “female friend’s bash at 1:30AM and spent three hours enjoying himself with Sheffield students.” Let’s put this into perspective. Harry is 18-years-old, he is a member of the biggest boy band on the planet, he is dating one of the biggest pop stars in the universe, and he has more fans than Santa Claus – obviously any warm-blooded person with those attributes would make headlines when he/she attends a “normal” chill with friends and strangers.

In the images snapped at the bash, the university girls looked enamored and photobomb-y with the celebrity superstar in their midst – Minnie Mouse head pieces and OMG-faces included. One of the girls present at the little celebutante soiree tweeted, “He told her she was very attractive and to take off her Minnie Mouse suit lol.”

Georgina Dick, presumably the girl helping Harry wash up in one of the images, tweeted, “We also talked about whether he would have gone to uni and football teams while we washed up together.” Another student, Bethany Chapman revealed on her Twitter page, “Best day of my life! Chilled with him for like 3 hours!! I was literally in shock the whole time, trying to play it cool haha, but inside I was freaking out!

However, before millions of Haylor (a portmanteau for Harry Styles and Taylor Swift) haters had their panties in a knot, a source jumped into the fray and quelled the relentless rumours of Harry-university-girl-cheating by saying, “Harry is very happy with Taylor. He simply dropped by as a favour for a friend and was polite and friendly to everyone.

That’s the Harry we know and love – a down-to-earth dude without the fanciful mannerisms of a mega-hit, globally recognized superstar. Good on you, mate!