Hart Of Dixie Season 2 Episode 7 “Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me” Recap 11/20/12

Hart Of Dixie Season 2 Episode 7 “Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me” Recap 11/20/12

Tonight on the CW HART OF DIXIE returns with a whole new episode called “Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me.”  On tonight’s show A little Romance goes a long way – after Zoe (Rachel Bilson) treats the high school football team, she learns that Max (guest star Nicholas Podany), who happens to be Rose’s (guest star McKaley Miller) new crush, has become infatuated with her instead.

On last week’s show it picked up with Bluebell’s mayoral election. The race looked like it would be dog eat dog right up until the end as Mayor Lavon Hayes squared off against his hottie high school ex Ruby in a fight to the… well not death, but to the polling place anyway.  And while the race is heated up, it looked like something may be rekindling between Lavon and Ruby.

On tonight’s show after Zoe (Rachel Bilson) treats the high school football team, she learns that Max (guest star Nicholas Podany), who happens to be Rose’s (guest star McKaley Miller) new crush, has become infatuated with her instead. Eager to nip his crush in the bud, Zoe learns that Max is prone to overreacting to heartbreak and is encouraged by the town to wait until after the big game, as they are counting on him to win. Lemon (Jaime King) decides to start a catering business and asks AnnaBeth (guest star Kaitlyn Black) to join, but Lemon is taken aback by her answer.

Meanwhile, Lavon (Cress Williams) tries to win over Ruby’s (guest star Golden Brooks) grandfather Sergeant Jeffries (guest star Charlie Robinson) by doing his chores, but Lavon finds out there is another reason her grandfather doesn’t want them together. Scott Porter, Wilson Bethel and Tim Matheson also star. Michael Schultz directed the episode written by Carter Covington.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Hart of Dixie at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Hart of Dixie Season 2, so far!

Live Recap:

Zoe wakes up to Wade giggling over Saturday morning cartoons eating her last black and white cookie her mom shipped her from New York. He offers her seven minutes in heaven and she tells him she needs a little more to get her started.

Lavon’s shirtless cooking breakfast when Zoe walks in – Ruby comes out in his shirt and they begin to make out in front of her making her very uncomfortable. Ruby says since the election stress is behind them, she can be friends with Zoe again. Zoe brushes her off blaming the new intern she has to train.

Lemon and Annabeth meet up for breakfast and Lemon tells her they’re going to start a catering business. She needs a distraction from the Lavon and Ruby mess. Annabeth tells her it’s a bad time to get into the business because caterers are suffering. I think Annabeth is just blowing her off.

Brick tells Zoe and Rose that his new romance with Emily is going well. Zoe’s training Rose on the phones. There’s an athlete foot crisis at the high school in the football locker room. Zoe volunteers to go and Brick tells her that her short shorts were too distracting last time she went to the school. Zoe insists and stomps away.

Lemon runs into Lavon and Ruby holding hands in the town square. The ladies trade barbs – meow! Lemon runs into George and seems less than thrilled to see him. He tells her he’s hosting a party for crabby Judge Perkins. He tells her if he doesn’t do well, he could lose cases. She offers to help, but he says he’s already hired a caterer – Annabeth! OMG – the betrayal!

Ruby and Lavon are smooching on her lawn when her Grandpa Jeffries hoses Lavon down like a horny dog. Ruby fusses at him to stop, but it’s too late – he ruined Lavon’s new suede shoes… She ushers G-pa inside and Lavon squashes away.

Zoe sprays down the boys’ feet and sends them out. The coach says the real problem is their kicker Max (that Rose is crushing on). He’s way said over his girlfriend moving away. He tells her he can’t kick without his girlfriend – he tells Zoe the long list of girls that inspired him to kick his way to victory. Zoe tells him to find a special girl and she hints at Rose, but I think he’s thinking Dr. Z is the gal he needs! Uh-oh!

Annabeth is at the butcher ordering meat for George’s party and Lemon busts her out. She explains she caught her by surprise and tells her she started the business because she needed something that was all hers. Lemon tells her she shouldn’t have deceived her and robbed her of the opportunity to help her. They exchange barbs – meow – and Lemon stomps out.

Back at Lavon’s, he tries to salvage his shoes and laments that he used to get on well with her Grandpa. He wants back in his good graces. He begs Ruby to bring him around so he can get on better footing with him.

Lemon’s working on her resume and has just her name. George comes up and tells her the Judge doubled the party guest list and that when he called Annabeth, she panicked. He begs Lemon to help out because he can’t afford for it to flop – he calls her the Babe Ruth of party planning. He begs again.

At the Rammer Jammer, Wade pours Zoe a glass of wine and he gives her a present. He bought her a glow in the dark thong and wrapped it in tin foil. She rejects the gift and tells him he can forget pillow talk that night. Suddenly the bar breaks out into a flash mob. The football players and cheerleaders are singing and dancing with the Bluebellers.

Rose thinks it’s something Wade’s done for Zoe, but he shrugs confused. The song is Doctor, Doctor and it’s Max serenading her with the town dancing along. He hands her flowers and runs away. Wade makes a crack about Zoe wanting romance and smirks away. Love him!

Zoe comes into the office next morning to find oodles of flower bouquets from Max. Brick has a lecture ready for Dr. Z and asks her what she’s wearing to the prom. She said she’s going to clear it up, but Brick said she can break his heart after the game – apparently his kicking has turned phenomenal. He tells her the whole town will blame her if he blows their big game. She cancels her appointments and goes to hide.

The lunch with Ruby, Lavon and Grandpa is not going well. Grandpa mocks his trophies and calls him a has-been. Lavon goes to hold Ruby’s hand and gets chastised by Sergeant (G-pa). Lavon made his mom’s special biscuits and Sergeant spits it out and insults them. Lavon blows up and tells him he can insult anything else, but not his mama’s cooking! Go Lavon!

At the Judge’s party, Annabeth is in crisis mode. Cricket’s there helping out and saving Annabeth’s butt. Cricket changed the flower order and is rescuing her in a big way. But she’s wearing a headset and Annabeth catches on. Lemon comes out of hiding and tells her that she’s just there to help George. Annabeth acknowledges that she needs help and Lemon takes over and gets everyone in gear.

Wade comes to see Zoe in her hideout. He doesn’t seem to know what first base is and she tells him he could learn a few things from Max about romance. Max comes pounding on the door and Wade lets him in. She protests their age difference and he says Demi and Ashton made it work – she makes a face – and he says they made it work for a while. Good slam on the creepy May December couple and their impending divorce!

Max asks her out to dinner and she says she can’t because she has to deliver the Smitherman baby. Wade busts in with his phone and says the Smithermans delivered their baby in a bathtub and that she’s available. Max tells Zoe he’ll pick her up at 8 – but qualifies that means he’ll walk by since he doesn’t have a license yet! Wade says she’ll be ready and gives her one of his evil grins. When Max leaves, Wade predicts he’ll bring her a corsage. I love Wade – he’s sexy and evil – but evil in a fun way!

Zoe and Max are having dinner at the Rammer Jammer – she’s wearing the corsage. Wade brings over drinks – wine for her and root beer for her 15 year old date. She says they didn’t order them and he tells her they came compliments of Brick who’s waving from the bar. Max tells her he’s paying, but they can’t spend more than $25 because he spent the rest of his money on flowers.

Lavon comes to see Sergeant about why he’s so angry with him – he admits that he hurt Ruby and wants to make amends. Sergeant says he can chop up a fallen tree in the backyard, unclog the septic tank and a whole list of to-do’s.

At the party, Annabeth tries to have a pre-dinner prayer circle and Lemon interrupts rudely. Annabeth blows up at her and says she didn’t want to be in business with her because she’s too bossy and has to have everything her way. Lemon says she should have spoken up instead of letting her anger fester. George comes in with a panic and breaks up the argument. Lemon storms out and Annabeth goes to work to finish out the party.

Max makes sweet talk to Zoe over dinner and sees Rose and her friend Tonya glaring at her. Tonya tells Zoe cougar is not a good look on her. Wade laughs and smirks. Zoe tells Rose she can’t break up with him before the game and Rose says she went to college for a million years and can figure it out. Max invites her to the post-game bonfire and she tells him she can’t be with him.

She tells him that he’s a great guy, but he’s not a man. He asks to kiss her. She tells him she only went on the date so he wouldn’t blow the game. He tells her she sucks as a good luck charm and that she should have waited until after the game to tell him. He shuffles off teary and broken hearted. Aww. Poor little guy.

At the Rammer Jammer, Zoe gets booed by the local football fans. She’s shocked that the town hates her for not dating a minor. Wade tells her he thinks she did the right thing. He says it was right to toughen him up acting like the lead in a romantic comedy. She tells him it was nice to be appreciated for a change and walks away snippily.

Lavon knocks exhausted on Sergeant’s door and tells him he stayed up all night, but finished all the chores. Sergeant tells him he forgave him a long time ago. Lavon asked why he made him do all the chores – Sergeant said he didn’t want to do them and is too cheap to pay someone else. He tells Lavon that he needs to let Ruby go – that her dreams are bigger than Bluebell.

George invites Lemon and Annabeth to a sit down and tells them both how great the party was. George tells her that her cooking is heavenly but she’s disorganized. George tells Lemon that she can’t cook for spit but is a god of organization. He tells them they complement each other and need to work together. He tells them they should work together or not – that he really doesn’t care because he’s headed out to the big game.

Zoe finds Max in the locker room looking blue. She tells him all his lucky charm girls were like the magic feather Dumbo needed to fly. She tells him dancing and singing in front of the whole town was one of the bravest things she’s ever seen. She tells him football is about bravery and that he needs to go kick the hell out of the ball! He agrees to suit up and the team gives him the encouraging group clap! Go Dr. Zoe. Now if she can just get him to give Rose a second look she’ll be totally in the clear!

Bluebell wins the game and the town likes Zoe again. Max stops by to invite Rose to the after game party and she’s thrilled!

Annabeth and Lemon want George to draw up their business agreement. Lemon said he should do it for free since he left her at the altar. George said they need a business name and Lemon suggests calling at Annabeth’s. Annabeth agrees, but Lemon’s annoyed that she accepted so quickly.

Wade’s asking Wanda advice for a “friend” of his who needs to do something romantic. Wanda gives him a couple of ideas that he says are terrible then she tells him it doesn’t matter as long as it’s from the heart.

Ruby tells Lavon elves fixed up all the broken stuff at her house. She thanks Lavon for trying so hard to make Grandpa like him again. Lavon asks if she can be happy in Bluebell. She tells him to take it day by day. He says he doesn’t want to hold her back and she says no one can hold her back. She tells him she’s had a great career and that she’s had it all except one thing – love. Aww. Smooches ensue!

At Zoe’s, she finds Wade has baked her black and white cookies. He’s all sexy in flour and he tells her he trashed Lavon’s kitchen. He tells her they probably suck and she tries it and yep, it does. She tells him it’s the thought that counts. He asks if they can get naked and she agrees!

My predictions are that Zoe’s going to fall for Wade, Lavon’s going to dump Ruby so he doesn’t hold her back and George is going to continue being the town’s cutest bachelor!