Hell’s Kitchen 2012 Recap: Episode 8 “Top 12 Compete” 6/26/12

Hell's Kitchen 2012 Recap: Episode 8 "Top 12 Compete" 6/26/12

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen. On tonight’s show the remaining 12 chefs compete and you know we will have plenty of craziness with Chef Gordon Ramsay.  If you missed last night’s episode when the 13 chefs competed during the fashion show, we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

On last night’s episode of Hell’s Kitchen, the kitchen opened for the first time in Hell’s Kitchen history with three mini fashion shows.

Royce and Kimmie were chosen to help plate food to keep up the quick pace. Clemenza was getting cranked, there were way too many scallops for him to prepare and do it right, although Tiffany finally had success with her scallops. Clemenza actually held up the whole kitchen and Guy ran in to help, only to rush it and make a bigger mess out of the whole situation.

The women’s red team was the winner last night. The blue team had to come up with two names for elimination and no surprise that they picked Clemenza first and Guy second. When Chef Ramsay asked the whole team who they think should be eliminated, they all say Clemenza. In a surprise twist, Chef Ramsay sent Clemenza back in line and sent Guy home.

Tonight the show continues with the 12 chefs battling it out. Special guests tonight are Tito Ortiz and Sugar Ray Leonard who offer inspiration to the contestants.

Tonight’s episode is going to be a drama filled episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FOX’s Hell’s Kitchen at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Hell’s Kitchen season 10, so far!

RECAP: Today’s challenge is going to test the chef’s ability to adapt. There are four domes and the chefs have to choose various ingredients and incorporate them together. Clemenza is thrilled to still be on the show and promises Chef Ramsay that he is going to bring it. Michelin chefs are guests to judge the dishes; Anita Lo, Douglas Keane and Michael Cimarusti.

The score is tied, Royce and Christina are the last two to reveal their dishes. Royce gives the Michelin chefs a surprise, a long hair on his dish.  Christina wins it for the women with her lobster dish.

The women get to go to a spa for reward, the men will be prepping both kitchens, but first, they have to clean both dorms. There is a surprise, the women are gifted with some really expensive cookware.

It’s time for dinner service and in addition to the classic menu, Christina’s winning lobster dish has been added to the menu. Chef Ramsay wants the chefs to “fight back” and with that in mind, he has two VIP guests; Tito Ortiz and Sugar Ray Leonard.

Clemenza starts with a fail, the pasta is too chewy, isn’t this guy Italian?

Chef Ramsay catches Tiffany put a knife to her lips and then touch the food with it, disgusting. Roshni has problems at the meat station, some of the Wellingtons were raw and some overcooked.

Tiffany screws up the Wellingtons and blames everyone else but herself. Patrick serves up lobster that is stone cold. Tiffany makes a second attempt at Wellington, they are perfect.  Chef Ramsay is embarrassed, cold lobster for the second time tonight and he throws out the blue team.

Back in the red kitchen, the women are in the home stretch and not only do they complete their dinner service but the complete the blue teams as well.

Dinner service is done, Chef Ramsay gives an angry lecture to the blue team and tells them to go back upstairs to nominate two people for eviction.

The blue team have reached a decision, the first nominee is Brian and Chef Ramsay is surprised. The second nominee is Clemenza and Chef Ramsay is further shocked. Chef Ramsay will not accept those two nominees, he tells the blue team that the two worse tonight were Patrick and Roshni. Chef Ramsay decides to send Roshni home, she is eliminated.

The end!