Hollywood’s Got Baby Drama — The Pregnancy Shockers and Secret Heartaches

Hollywood's Got Baby Drama -- The Pregnancy Shockers and Secret Heartaches

The newest Life & Style Weekly magazine cover tells us that there’s some major baby drama in the Hollywood air. It seems like just about every woman in Hollywood is talking about pregnancy or planning to get pregnant and, while there’s lots of drama surrounding that, there’s also an abundance of joy. The current issue of the magazine dishes out on all things related to Hollywood’s current baby fever, including celebrity pregnancy shockers, heartaches, and fears!

On the cover it reveals that Kristen Cavallari had an emotional first week with Camden; Kim Kardashian has experienced a rather abrupt pregnancy shock; and Jennifer Aniston, engaged to Justin Theroux, is suffering from baby anguish — she wants to be a mother, and she wants to be one now!

The cover reveals a bit more about the baby fever that seems to be sweeping over Hollywood like an epidemic: Reese Witherspoon experiences extreme cravings (wonder what those are?); Kim Zolciak welcomes baby number four; Giuliana Rancic has intense fears about being a mother (but we think she’ll be able to pull off the mothering gig just fine); and Khloe Kardashian chats about putting a baby before family (that sounds intriguing, right?).

Be sure to check out this week’s issue to get the inside scoop, latest details, and hottest gossip surrounding the baby-baby-baby drama & joys of the Celeb World. It seems like a juicy one. Hmm . . . things would probably be a lot less dramatic if people just waited for the storks to bring their babies to their front doorsteps, right?

Image credit to Life & Style Weekly