How Absurd! Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Offers Parenting Advice

How Absurd! Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Offers Parenting Advice

Twenty-year-old mom, Jenelle Evans, of MTV’s Teen Mom 2 stardom, recently reached out to moms of the world on Twitter, after witnessing some bad parenting.

The MTV mom tweeted, “U have a leash on yr child? It’s not even a leash it’s a string? That’s so disturbing….”

I am guessing that she is referring to those kid leashes that strap on like a back pack. I’m not a mom, so I can’t really swear if e evil. The concept makes sense though, right? Kid always tries to run off—don’t communicate with your child, just physically impair them so it is no longer possible!

Of course, using a bit of string is decidedly more, how to say it nicely, trashy than the leashes that look like backpacks. But is Jenelle really in a position to be giving parenting advise?

Jenelle is currently trying to get back custody of her son, Jace, who is currently being cared for by Jenelle’s mom because Jenelle has been struggling with drugs, alcohol, and domestic violence. Obviously not a good place for a child!

Jenelle is also using her Twitter fame to promote off-again-on-again boyfriend Kiefer’s homemade pipes. I don’t think they’re musical . . .

The mom (who has never been the legal guardian of her son) tweeted, “kieffer listened to your pipe requests ladies! today he made 2 of these bunny pipes that resemble the Playboy Bunny.”

 I think the only place to go from here is up, right?

Well, for normal people this may be what rock bottom looks like. No child, in and out of court, dating someone who has hit you . . . I really hope that Jenelle can get it together. Wouldn’t it be awesome if, two years from now, MTV did a Teen Mom Turnaround special, covering how the moms got off drugs, worked out their legal issues, went to school, and provided stable homes for their kids?

But, in the meantime, I guess that they can use Kiefer’s income from his pipe business to pay for rehab, and perhaps save enough for a lawyer? I would really like to see Jenelle get some therapy (and not the kind that is filmed and put on primtime TV) and EARN Jace back!


4 responses to “How Absurd! Teen Mom Jenelle Evans Offers Parenting Advice”

  1. stef says:

    She LOST custody of her son, she is hardly to be considered to a mother! Every time she opens her mouth it’s a reminder of what a blessing it is that her mother has FULL custody of Jace and she does not. Because if she had custody, that child would be the next Caylee Anthony.

  2. thank jenelle should stop doing drugs and maybe she can get her son back

  3. cindy says:

    first of all I dislike her, she doesn’t deserve her son. He’s better off with his grandmother who will take good care of him. Jenelle needs to grow up fix her eye brows an maybe get some lip injections! Get her education not be worrying about boys who drag her down an focus on herself!

  4. samantha says:

    SHE don’t need to get her son back if she does her son will be going though hell like she has been in and out of jail and on the street sleeping in her car no money or anything and the baby will proble even go in to foster home cause she is not responsible kids she don’t even know how to take care of her self let alone a baby that cant defend his self and know what to do or anything and should have made her give her son up for adoption or made her take care of her son in the first place to let her know that she have to do this cause no body else will and this is how it feel to be a parent and i hope that she dont get her son that be the best thing for the baby hopeful the mom will still have the baby