Ian Terry Wins Big Brother 2012 Season 14!

Ian Terry Wins Big Brother 2012 Season 14!

Tonight on the finale episode of Big Brother 2012 Season 14, the winner was announced, and it was Ian Terry. Ian won the game by a vote of 6 to 1. It’s been a season of tantrums, friendships, feuds and mocking; all the reasons why we love Big Brother.  The runner up is Dan Gheesling – Dan wins $50,000.  Frank is America’s favorite houseguest and received a prize of $25,000.

Can you believe that Ian Terry won?  Do you think he played the best game? Personally, I thought Dan, who already won Big Brother 10 played the best game. He manipulated every single person even though they new what he was like before he came into the game, he even convinced the other house guests to repeatedly save him when he was on the block. When Dan hosted his own funeral, I thought I had seen everything. But, leave it to Dan to have more up his sleeve when he not only royally back stabbed Danielle in the back when he backdoored Shane Meaney, but got her to throw the first round of the final HoH and let him win. Does it get any better than that?

Ian was the youngest player this season and didn’t win anything for a long time and all of a sudden when it counted, towards the end he started winning. I wanted him to win the game in the beginning, but then he started kissing up to Dan that turned me off. Ian is a smart guy and it just would have been nice to see him use some of that courage more often like he did when he masterminded Boogies eviction.

There really isn’t that much to say about Danielle except that she had to be the dumbest player ever in Big Brother history. You might be wondering how dumb she was, well she repeatedly believed Dan when he lied to her over and over again, which was bad enough, but she also had a once sided showmance with Shane that at times looked like she was stalking him.

In the end, there is only one winner and whether it was who you or I were rooting for or not, we’ll have a chance to do it all over again in season 15 which will air in 2013.

4 responses to “Ian Terry Wins Big Brother 2012 Season 14!”

  1. God says:

    Dan should of won for sure

  2. Big Brother just lost an AVID viewer … what a crock of $h!^ , if ANYONE that even remotley watched this show thinks that Ian should have beaten Dan ; they too should be beaten (Severely) !!! I am SOOOOO disappointed to think that I wasted an entire season watching an exceptional (if not Thee best) player get SHAFTED by a bunch of idiot jury members. Sorry BB you will NEVER have ME in Your audience EVER again !!!

  3. Ello govna says:

    I’m very proud of Ian. He is really smart and he’s been watching the show for over half of his life! I’m happy he won. Dan has played a very good game, but I just don’t like how he manipulate everyone. Sure that’s how you get somewhere in this game, I just think that playing a mostly honest and game would have been better for him. The jury was so fed up with his games he should have know he wasn’t going to win over Ian! And Danielle don’t even get me started on how stupid she is! I’m ready for next season and all the twist. This was one of my favorite seasons. Thanks!

  4. Dan was brillant. He was robbed tonight!