Insider Reveals Secrets Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Insider Reveals Secrets Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Some of The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast have some ugly skeletons in the closet – but not who you might suspect.  This is just a bucket full of crazy chicas’! Look I’ve been watching the entire ‘Housewives’ reality shows from the very beginning and I do mean ALL of them, but NJ takes the cake. I am going to explain why; first off I spoke with some relatives and people I know in Jersey just to feel things out. They are really hashing it out over there for real and this ruckus has been going on since last year.

Yes, Teresa Giudice did make a couple of comments in her book that were far from flattering, I think she thought if she said something about her cast mates it would sell more books, not so much.  What did she have to go there for? I think the only person she didn’t have a snide comment on was Jacqueline Laurita, sister-in-law to Caroline Manzo.

Now it’s been no secret that Teresa’s first cook book was a best seller and she was also on the TV show Celebrity Apprentice – OK her head’s really swollen now – but see more money, more problems. Her and her husband, Joe, have slowly been coming out of their financial difficulties and now he may be going to jail for driving under a falsified license.

Alright this would make anyone a little crazy but this chica just will not leave her sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, a break. Every two seconds she’s coming up with something negative to whisper in her brother’s ear, Joe, about his wife – not a smart move.  Do I think it is jealousy, Hmm… Who is kidding whom?

I know sometime things are hyped up for TV but this chica is serious and that is what’s so pitiful. She is trying to convince her brother that his wife was a dancer, which I’m being told is not true, she tended bar in a NJ lounge. Now if you want to talk about who was dancing, I heard it was, alledgely, Jacqueline Laurita when she lived in Las Vegas.

If she did that it was years ago and if she didn’t take anyone into the back room to get a “happy ending”, then she did nothing wrong. When it all comes down to it who cares anyway, it was a long time ago.  Look from what I’ve seen and heard Caroline, Jacqueline and Kathy Wakile, (Teresa’s cousin), are just on this show for kicks because basically they are not on it to start any businesses.

Melissa Gorga maybe she’s looking for a record contract (nothing wrong with that) but she doesn’t need the money. Teresa on the other hand you may have to support your family if your Joe goes away, but you don’t have to burn the people who have given you support for years. Alledgely, these are true feelings that are being shown which makes it all the worse. We all don’t like ugly, I don’t like it and I’m not buying her new book, besides I can already cook Italian food better than the Olive Garden. Thank you.