International Touring Band Nasty Savage’s Final Show

International Touring Band Nasty Savage's Final Show

The international touring death metal bandNasty Savage with lead singer and owner of “Born to Ride Magazine and TV” Ron Galletti will take the stage for the last time on May 5, 2012 at 6:00 PM at the “Crowbar” in Ybor City, FL.

“Nasty Savage” put the Tampa Bay area on the map as the death metal capital of the world, so it’s only fitting they end their illustrious career in the town they call home and put on the map.

Started in 1983, “Nasty Savage” offered their fans energetic and unique music and stage performances which quickly propelled them into the spotlight. The stage popularity came thanks to lead singer, Ronnie Galletti’s extreme acts on stage. These stunts made him synonymous with legends like Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osborne, who had no problem performing controversial acts on stage.

“Nasty Savage” has toured Europe and even played in Poland in 1988 behind the Iron Curtain to over 20,000 fans. In one of their last US tours in 1990 they played 60 shows in 65 days!

This final performance by the band is guaranteed to be an electrifying and memorable event. There will be no holding back, as they go out with their best performance of their career; a way to thank their fans for over 3 decades of support.

For more information about Nasty Savage go HERE!

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