Is Johnny Depp Having A Mid-life Crisis With Amber Heard? (Photo)

Is Johnny Depp Having A Mid-life Crisis With Amber Heard? (Photo)

Did Johnny Depp really walk away from his 14-year relationship with Vanessa Paradis for Amber Heard?? Well, let’s think about this. There has been a lot of speculation as of late ever since Depp and Paradis, the mother of his two children, finally admitted to the public that they had in fact split up. What took them so long – considering they hadn’t been seen together publicly in ages – I have no idea, but split they sure did.

And now there are all these reports of Vanessa finding text messages from Johnny’s Rum Diary co-star, Amber Heard. Ok, so text messages are one thing, but do this mean the two are in cahoots? Amber has been very clear that she is interested in the ladies, and has been in a relationship with a female photographer for quite some time.

So why was both Johnny and Amber spotted together in Las Vegas earlier this year, and why are their reports that he bought Amber a horse, and why oh why is she visiting him on the set of The Lone Ranger? They’re ‘just friends’ I suppose.

Depp, who is 49 (man I am getting old!) and Amber, 26, claim that they became really close after bonding on set, but that they are in no way romantically linked. My sources are pretty adamant that Amber is contently happy in her relationship, and only tangles with women. So does this mean Depp is having a mid-life and chasing after an impossible dream? Sounds about right…

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5 responses to “Is Johnny Depp Having A Mid-life Crisis With Amber Heard? (Photo)”

  1. amsel says:

    haha this is messed up i thought she was a lipstick lesbian? But if she’s fallen onto the umm .. rooster then my husband is going to be the happiest man alive .. well maybe not as happy as Johnny Depp lol

  2. sugar says:

    He looks like a old coot going after the cradle of love. He is one sick guy who wants a girl half his age. Thats why his daughter is acting out. He will make Amber an Anorexic too and tell her to drop the weight. Vanessa looks like she has Aids now she is so rail thin. He is poison to women and men now. 

    • Ra_ke says: are so rude with him! First ,you don’t believe everything you read,don’t be so innocent! And Johnny is not a bad person like some people are suggesting! He is offering half of his fortune to vanessa and he is not legally obliged to this!

  3. teresa says:

    Johnny needs to give true love a try not this thing between Amber Heard and him if he is obsessed thats not love believe me. I hope he thinks before its too late

  4. RealPolly says:

    Yep! I agree. how they don’t compliment each others looks at all. I’ve noticed that oddness in every photo they are together in.. as much as I don’t care for Vanessa , I do think they sort of melded well in photos together, however both these women are gold diggers & Amber is a seemingly total phony a-kissing fame seeker. Like never even heard of Amber Heard until Johnny Depp brought her to Rum Diary.