Is Macaulay Culkin Wasting Away? (Photo)

Is Macaulay Culkin Wasting Away?

Yikes!!! At first glance of these photos of Macaulay Culkin I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. This can’t be the same kid who won our hearts as the young Kevin McAllister in the Home Alone franchise? It’s him alright, and man the word ‘gaunt’ is an understatement when looking at his sickly, skinny figure.

Macaulay is no longer the angel face young boy we remember, he is now 32 years old – and despite most child actors, he’s managed to lay low and stay under the radar while still maintaining a modest career as an actor. So why so skinny Mac? His eight year relationship with Mila Kunis ended back in 2010, and we haven’t seen or heard too much from his since.

So naturally when Macaulay stepped out in the streets of New York and happily signed autographs for fans, his emaciated look did not go unnoticed. Mac has had his fair share of past troubles; he was arrested several years ago for possession of marijuana and two controlled substances and was forced into a drug treatment program. He’s also had to deal with the death of his sister and a rocky relationship with his parents.

After his shockingly plummeted weight was discussed amongst several entertainment websites, a rep for the actor had this to say:  “Macaulay Culkin is in perfectly good health. For Entertainment Tonight or any other media to speculate otherwise is thoughtless, irresponsible and destructive.”

Macaulay’s next project is the British military film Service Man, set for release in 2013. Perhaps his shocking look is for the role? I hope this is the case, and not a reflection of the emotional issues he’s struggled with over the years. Bring back old Mac!