Is Rihanna Living A ‘Thug Life’?

Is Rihanna Living A ‘Thug Life’?

It seems as though Rihanna is back from her Hawaiian vacation of sun and relaxation (and partaking in that little green leaf known as marijuana) looking fresh…and ready to get some ink?

So Rihanna surfaced in L.A last night and visited one of her favorite stores, Mark Mahoney’s Shamrock Shack tattoo parlor. Rihanna tweeted pictures of her hanging out in the tattoo chair, documenting the whole experience (because the ink itself wouldn’t be a reminder). I often wonder what’s more important in life – getting a tattoo, or having someone takes pictures of you while getting a tattoo. Just another one of life’s many hard questions…

No stranger to getting’ ink done, the Barbadian singer opted for the knuckles.  Yep, Rihanna decided to have the words “Thug Life” written on each knuckle, in honor of the late West coast rapper Tupac.

Ri has always been known for living on the edge, so I assume she now considers herself to be living like a thug.  I’m all for freedom of expression and being artistic – just don’t be sporting any gold teeth girl.


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