Is Russell Brand Losing His Mind?

Is Russell Brand Losing His Mind?

Russell Brand, a man who’s mostly well known for his wit and humour, raised eyebrows as he left his Hollywood hotel without any shoes on. Some think this is due to his mind not being all that focused.

The man who just recently separated with his wife, the beautiful Katy Perry, had pictures taken of him leaving his hotel waiting for a car barefoot. Now, many people are finding this weird or thinking that perhaps he’s not “mentally” all there. I for one don’t see what the big deal is, he probably just felt like it was a day to not wear shoes, it’s not like it’s going to kill him or anything, he just crossed a road. After all, he didn’t leave the hotel naked and that I think would have been more reason for concern.

I haven’t watched a lot of films with Russell Brand in it; he’s a pretty funny guy and seems like a nice person. He refused to accept $20 million of Katy’s money which he was entitled to since it was part of the divorce; there are not many people in this world that would have done the same. Sounds like a good guy to me.

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  • Anette

    He is just HOT who cares …!!He is just that kind of eccentric character , and i relate to it ..As i go out with out my shoes on and splash in puddles on the farm ..It makes you laugh …He is lovely and i would love a piece of him in my life even as a friend and run around with no shoes on anytime hahahahaha..STROKE THE FUR …hahahahahaha

    • Archie396

      WTF??? He’s an idiot

  • Pami

    At least he wasn’t wearing those weird-looking toed athletic shoes.  Those are scarey!  

  • Einstein used to leave his house to go to school and he would forget to wear pants sometimes because he was always thinking soo much.

  • Danster15

    Hes crazy because hes not wearing shoes…..

  • Cheryl

    Comparing this guy to Einstein? Seriously? Brand is just an attention seeking WEIRDO!