Jaleel White Dancing With The Stars Tango Performance Video 4/9/12

Jaleel White Dancing With The Stars Tango Performance Video 4/9/12

Jaleel White danced the Tango tonight as Dancing With The Stars continued with its forth episode.  The theme for this week’s episode is “Rock Week’ and this is always one of my favorite episodes.  Rock Week returns, with KISS opening the show with a spectacular performance of “Rock and Roll All Nite.”  We recapped the tonight’s show for you and if you want to see how all the couples did go HERE!  Did you see Jaleel’s performance last week if you missed it you can see it here!

Jaleel White and professional dancer Kym Johnson, dancing the Tango – Jaleel had this to say abut Rock week, “All the black people are nervous. Yes. Every black person in this competition is in jeopardy now. We’re all under a red light. Yes. Yes. Queen and the Rolling Stones and people telling me to act like Jagger? I’m like, ‘How come I couldn’t have gotten James Brown?’ Good Lord!  Hey, you know what, you play the hand you’re dealt — and I like the hand we got, though.  We’re channeling our inner rock stars.”

Judges CommentsBruno – you got the “Jagger” perfect, but it was a little under powered, more drive and more aggression in the foot work.  Carrie Ann – I loved it, there was just something funky and weird about it but don’t be too smooth next time, but I loved it.  Len – I loved the humour you put into it, it needed more attack and aggression, the footwork has to be like a panther, but as a performance it was great.

Scores:  Carrie Ann 8 – Len 7 – Bruno 7 – Total: 22

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