James Franco Signs Book Deal With Amazon

James Franco Signs Book Deal With Amazon

James Franco, the actor who tries to do everything a person can possibly do, is continuing to do things. This next thing he’s doing has nothing to do with the art of acting but, rather, the art of writing. That’s right, folks! Our dear Mr. Franco is journeying into the treacherous world of novel writing, and he’s already got himself a book deal (which are, to no surprise, incredibly easy to land when you’re an A-list celeb).

However, even though James has never written a novel before, he’s no stranger to the writing world. The novel, tentatively titled Actors Anonymous, will be the actor’s third book. He already has a collection of short stories to his name, as well as another book, titled James Franco: Dangerous Book Four Boys (highlighting material drawn from a 2010 art show he helped curate), that will be published by Rizzoli in April.

I’ve never read anything written by the actor, so I can’t comment on his writing, but many people in the literary world, particularly established writers, have a problem with Franco’s incredible talent/ability to secure book deals — regardless of whether or not the stuff he’s written is “good” or not. Big names sell, people. And even more so, big CELEB names sell. The publishing industry, like just about everything else in this world, is a business. And they’re looking to bring in the cash money dollars.

According to THR, Franco’s novel will be published by Amazon, who is currently working very hard to establish a traditional publishing system in this ever-changing world of print and digital media.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to reading The Franco’s novel? Are you willing to cough up the cash for his — hopefully — beautifully crafted sentences? Leave your thoughts/opinions below.

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