Jay Z And Kanye West At War After Beyonce Snubs Kim Kardashian

Jay Z And Kanye West At War After Beyonce Snubs Kim Kardashian

Apparently Jay Z and Kanye West now have some bad blood between them.  It was previously reported that Jay Z was not fond of his label/tour mate’s new gal pal and that he had forbidden Kim Kardashian to join them on tour.  Now sources are reporting that the beef has gotten so bad that both Jay Z and Beyonce refuse to be in the same room as Kanye and Kim.  What a snub!

According to MediaTakeOut, Jay and Bey all out refused to step inside Carmelo Anthony’s special “Audemars” dinner on Monday night – until AFTER Kim and Kanye left.  An insider claims that the power couple waited in their van outside until Kanye and his latest love left the party.

“Beyonce doesn’t want to be in the same [photo] shot with [Kim Kardashian].” says the sourceGuess we won’t be seeing the Kimster babysitting for Blue Ivy.

It seems they weren’t waiting outside for long, as Kanye and Kim only stayed at the bash for five minutes.  Once they left, Jay and Beyonce partied until the wee hours.   Could Beyonce really be that particular about whom she hangs out with?

“Swizz Beat was DJing, and Jay and Bey had a great time.” says a source.

Can’t really blame Beyonce for not wanting to be seen with, let alone caught in a photo with Kim Kardashian, now can we?  It’s true, both Jay Z and Beyonce have been known for a little bit of dramatic behavior, but do you think this demand is going too far?  Should Kim be banned from the tour?  Do you believe that Kim and Kanye are even a REAL couple?  Let us know in the comments below.

13 responses to “Jay Z And Kanye West At War After Beyonce Snubs Kim Kardashian”

  1. Loneranger says:

    Obviously Kim Kardashian intimidates Beyonce.  Why else would she snub her for no reason.  FYI Jay Z is from the projects, so what circle are we talking about again?

    • Babydoll says:

      This is just my opinion buh, First off! Beyonce has NO reason whatso EVER to be intimidated by kim. Really? beyonce and J are a power couple and I like Kim but she does have a rep aand I ccan understand if beyonce doesn’t want to be around tht energy, she just had a baby! who wants to deal w/ tht nonsense? I know I wouldn’t

  2. Mary Mote says:

    I don’t believe a word of it.. its BS

    •  Totally. This Is A Total Lie, B would NEVER say a bad thing about Kim K. EVER. She hardly even knows her!She focuses on her marriage to Jay-Z and her baby, nothing else, she never intrudes in people’s personal lives! Let Kim and Kanye be happy! I support them 100% !

  3. SMHatthesePPL says:

    Obviously..Beyonce doesn’t want the rep form hanging out with that slore. Birds of a feather, flock together? Beyonce and Jay Z are too good for the narcissistic famewhores. don’t blame em!

  4. noeliam says:

    kim should be banned from earth, not just from that tour. 

  5. Babydoll says:

    First off! Beyonce has NO reason whatso EVER to be intimidated by kim. Really? beyonce and J are a power couple and I like Kim but I do understand B  not wanting kim arund her because of her rep, besides, she justhad a baby! Who wants to deal with that aftercarrying a baby for 9 mnths. I no I wouldn’t.

  6. Aniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii says:

    okay lets define both women.

    Beyonce:elegant classy and talented. worked hard for what she achieved and keeps her private life PRIVATE.
    Kim: Tacky, Slutty and no sense of self respect. TOTAL WHORE! 
    Beyonce is a real woman and hanging with Kim is not good for her rep. I mean cmon whats kim gnna do next?  burst in on jayz’s and beyonce’s home for couple of extra $$$ for her cheesy little show? 

  7. erica8971@yahoo.com says:

    Its all stupid and i hope they get it together and be professional dont judge kim.she dont even know her

  8. Dixie says:

    Even Kate Middleton SNUBBED Kim! Kim sent her some dresses from the Kardashian Kollection while Kim was in London. The Duchess never acknowledge her. Nor wore the dresses. Who wants to wear pornstar clothes. Not the future queen of England! While Kim was in England, the Queens staff made her switch hotels! Cause the queen was having a party in the banquet room. She didn’t want Kardashian in tge same hotel! How embarressing!

  9. sweetness says:

    But this is so unfair, why is everyone talking about Kim this way? she’s s good hearted person, why are we judging her when we all should be judged. if truly Kate did that, then she doesn,t worth being the queen of England in the nearest future even Jesus christ embraced an harlot and made her a better person so who the hell is Kate Middleton? Dixie and Anii, being classy it’s not all about being powerful, it is way more than that.

  10. jcb says:

    Kim Kardashian is a whore . .. that is all there is to it. She reveres money and fame….Not a fan of Beyonce either and she is also full of herself . . .but on a scale of 1 to 10….Kimmy takes the cake.

  11. hmm says:

    CHECK THIS OUT!! I feel, Kanye really wants Beyonce, I feel that
    he dreams about her at nite ..tells kim to look like her, peep him out..as for Kim, say you want about kim,KIM HAD HER BABY!! so whether its for money/love or both. she in the money now w/Kanye.