Jenelle Evans Back With Keiffer Delp And Ready For A Boob Job

Jenelle Evans With Keiffer Delp And Ready For A Boob Job

Looks like teen mom, Jenelle Evans is back in the headlines yet again. This time it is no surprise that she hooked up with her ex, Kieffer Delp. On her official face book profile, posted on Wednesday April 25th shows a smiling Jenelle with her arms wrapped around Kiefer’s neck who’s holding the phone with a simple smiling face as a caption. Friends like bees buzzed commenting on the picture to see if it was true or an old picture or a rumor. Jenelle herself put the rumors to rest when she responded “Its newww :)

Thumbing through Jenelle Evans official twitter page, there was no indication or no conversation to show she’s back with Kieffer even though her official face book says she is. However she tweets about going in for a boob job next week. Whether it’s true or not, I can say this teen mom is playing with fire. I think she needs to take a break from bad guys period and focus on the number one man in her life, her son Jace.

What is also strange is that while Jenelle was still on probation she was with Keiffer. Which means that she was still subjected to its restrictions, one of which specifically forbids her to be in the presence of Keiffer or any other known drug user. Though she is went to court to ask that her probation be lifted, as of right now, if the police were to catch her with Keiffer, it would be grounds for arrest.

If you were in Jenelle Evans shoes, would you continue dating bad boys or focus on your young son?  Of course most of us would not be in Jenelle Evans’ shoes – we are not that crazy! Let us know in the comments below.



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