Jenni Rivera’s Children, Family and Lover – Tragic Airplane Crash and Grief – Details

Jenni Rivera’s Children, Family and Lover – Tragic Airplane Crash and Grief - Details

Last night, breaking news revealed that one of Latin America’s most prized possessions, Jenni Rivera, was missing when air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane carrying Rivera, two pilots, and her inner circle of music industry execs. This morning, the news broke that the Celine Dion of Latin America, the most famous Mexican songstress in the world, had perished in a plane crash in Mexico.

Rivera’s music CV reads like a music superstar manual. The 41-year-old singer has sold over 15 million albums worldwide, was nominated for Latin Grammy’s in 2003, 2008, and 2010, and has successfully started six companies, including Divina Realty, Divina Cosmetics, Jenni Rivera Fragrance, Jenni Jeans, Divine Music and The Jenni Rivera Love Foundation. Rivera was the first Banda artist to sell out two back-to-back nights at the famed Nokia Theatre – where the Idol finale is usually held – in Los Angeles, California. She has also appeared in self-produced reality television shows about her life, and was a judge on Mexico’s version of The Voice – La Voz… Mexico.

Rivera is survived by her first husband, José Trinidad Marín, her second husband Juan López, her third husband Esteban Loaiza, and her five children –  Janney “Chiquis” Marín Rivera, 27, Jacqueline Marín Rivera, 23, Michael Marín Rivera, 21, Jenicka López Rivera, 16, and Johnny López Rivera, 11. Her first three eldest children were fathered by Marin, while Jenicka and Johnny were fathered by Lopez.

Unfortunately, controversy and scandal has been following this family around for years. Marín, Rivera’s first husband, was sentenced to 30 years in prison after it came to light that he sexually molested Chiquis, Rivera’s eldest child, since the age of 12. Michael, Rivera’s 21-year-old son, was also arrested at the age of 19 for having sex with a minor girlfriend. Rivera’s second husband, Lopez, tragically died two years after their divorce, when Johnny, the youngest, was only three years old. Johnny has since written on his social media page following his mother’s passing, “I love u Mama. Please take care of my daddy up in heaven.” The other family members have yet to comment on Twitter and/or other social media pages about their mother’s death.

Rivera purportedly dated Jacob Yebale, her makeup artist, but both Rivera and Yebale died during the now infamous plane crash.  The words of the famous Mexican poet, Pedro Requena Legarreta, sums up perfectly Rivera’s love for her surviving family members, “I would enfold your death and mine, as close/As our two lives have been together bound;/ Here at the gates of an eternal rest/As all our dreams have known the self-same bowers/So shall my soul and yours have but one breast.

Good night, Jenni Rivera, que sueñes con los angelitos – May you dream with little angels.

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