Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump Photo – It’s Finally Baby Time!

It's Finally Baby For Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

The current issue of OK! Magazine features the cover story, “Jennifer Aniston, It’s Finally Baby Time.” Could it finally be baby time for Jennifer Aniston? I know, how many times have we all heard that said in the press over the last five years, but could this be it?

OK! Magazine has the baby bump photos as evidence.  They claim that after years of heartbreak and struggle, Jen is going to announce her baby dreams are coming true.  She is now happily engaged to Justin Theroux and she seems to be steamrolling her way towards domestic bliss, so why not?  The new issue of OK Magazine has more on the new life phase that Jen is entering into and it also has the inside scoop on her bachelorette party in Mexico.

Also according to OK, it’s bad news for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s fans. This former couple doesn’t look like they are going to reconcile any time soon- if at all. Instead of trying to work things out they are fighting over everything and anything. Don’t forget, they shared a home and it was furnished with both of their things. Even though Rob walked out there are still a million details to hash out and under the circumstances I can’t image those conversations being very pleasant.

Can you imagine all the money that Kourtney Kardashian has made off of her dramatic relationship with Scott Disick? Every time she does an interview she gets paid and in this issue, once again, Kourt is setting the record straight about her hard partying, douchebag, baby daddy.  Also inside is a look at Tom Cruises’ plan to help him heal from his split with Katie Holmes (Could it be another potential wife that is being groomed and hand picked by Scientologists for him?) and an exciting Teen Mom wedding!

To see the photos of Jennifer’s baby bump and find out more about all these photos, pick up the latest issue to read more about these stories and more!