Jennifer Aniston Sizzles At Star Studded 2012 AFI Awards Without Justin Theroux By Her Side! (Photos)

Jennifer Aniston Sizzles At Star Studded 2012 AFI Awards Without Justin Theroux By Her Side! (Photos)

Jennifer Aniston was recently seen sizzling at the star studded 2012 AFI Awards and boyfriend Justin Theroux was nowhere to be seen, adding fuel to the rumors that their relationship is in fact on the rocks.

Jennifer went to the AFI awards last night and looked exquisite in a white Burberry dress which revealed a perfectly toned leg. She was there to celebrate Shirley MacLaine’s lifetime achievement award. Jennifer Aniston was in the company of Hollywood royalty, with the likes of Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson sharing the red carpet with her. The gala was held at the Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. The celebs drank expensive wine and ate salmon while they listened to the self-indulgence of old Hollywood. What a way to spend your night hey?

Jennifer was there. Katherine Heigl was there. Even Dakota Fanning was there. The question which begs asking is, where was Justin Theroux? Jen’s year long partner. As we recently reported here on CDL, Jen’s relationship seems to have taken a turn for the worse, with her being a clingy and possessive girlfriend to Justin, the two seem to have been under a bit of a stress lately. They have been spotted every now and then popping out for dinner, but as we all know in the world of gossip, a good din-din buffer might quell any rumours these relationships face.

When people go to events without their partner, it means one of two things, either the partner is dead (or working on a project), or there’s a bit of trouble in paradise. We choose the latter. It makes more sense, except if you’re a serial killer.

2 responses to “Jennifer Aniston Sizzles At Star Studded 2012 AFI Awards Without Justin Theroux By Her Side! (Photos)”

  1. Guest says:

    Or, in this case, it’s because Jen was seated at the head table with her close pal MacLaine, and MacLaine requested only her close girlfriends to sit with her…so none of the women there (Streep, Roberts, Griffith) brought their significant others either. Why aren’t you making up stories about troubles in their relationships?

    There is no rumors about any problems between Jen and Justin other than some low-rate UK tabloid making it up. They are living together, and seen together and no one in the US media thinks there is anything wrong between them. Why do you latch on to obvious tabloid garbage, in this case foreign tabloid garbage, to invent stories where there are none?

  2. Renier Palland says:

    Thank you for your comment on this article. The intention as an entertainment writer is not to create a fake article, but to get people talking and gossiping, the reason it is called “celebrity gossip”. Of course not every news story will always be completely true, but a hook or two need to be inserted to create a specific readership response. Several US stories have indeed also picked up on the Jen Aniston/Justin Theroux relationship and as with every celeb relationship, there’s always rumours of infidelity and break-up. These stories were not made up, but were picked up from hundreds (if not thousands) of entertainment news wires across the world. Therefore, even if there is no credibility to the story as you claim, there are still millions of little articles like this about her relationship with Justin, across the world. If it is true or not, we will never know, but it is of utmost importance as a writer to pick up on the current entertainment trends and write about it. After all, who likes reading boring articles about stories that have already been covered and have been proved as true. As a writer, the element of mystery is that attracts one to write such an article.