Jersey Shore Recap Season 5 Episode 3 ‘Dropping Like Flies’ 1/19/12

Get your fist pump ready and your GTL on because Jersey Shore is back tonight with a whole new episode.  On last week’s show Vinny had anxiety issues, which eventually caused him to make the decision to leave the house.

On this week’s episode called ‘Dropping Like Flies,’ the roommates adjust to life at the shore without Vinny.   Meanwhile,  Deena finds herself in an uncomfortable position.   She comes home after a late night partying looking horrible, with a dress that barely covers her booty and her hair looking a mess.  She looks so bad at one point Mike ‘The Sitution’ asks her,“What corner was you workin’?”

Then the problems start Deena tries to get the extensions she put in out of her hair which were on big tangled mess.  At one point Snooki suggests she shave her head like Britney Spears did LOL it is so bad.  Pauly D comes over and starts ripping the hair out of her head.  Ughh huge piles of her hair end up on the floor as Pauly D and J WOWW try to pull it out.

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RECAP: The shore starts with seeing Vinny leave. Pauly D is going to tell the rest of the household that he may not be coming back. J WOWW is shocked and Snooki is sad but Deena starts to ball her eyes out, doesn’t help that she is drunk. Deena asks if she looks like a mess, Deena says no, she doesn’t see the toilet paper stuck under Deena’s shoe as they leave the bathroom. The Situation got himself a girl to take home with him and so did Pauly D.

Deena confesses that she didn’t think Vinny was really leaving, she just thought he would come back like Sam did.

Vinny arrives home with his family, his mom is very happy to see him and he admits he had a lot of anxiety over there, it was too much for him.

JWOWW and Deena are still talking about Vinny leaving and Deena’s still got the water works going.

The next morning, it’s time to celebrate Pauly and Mike’s birthdays and Snooki wants to celebrate Vinny’s departure. Team Meatballs is in action again, is someone going to get arrested again? One thing  for sure, they will definitely get “wasteypants.” Deena is excited because she sees her sister out and they meet a fabulous gay guy, perfect for her because she loves them gay, they don’t want nothing from you at the end of the night. Snooki is already up on the bar dancing and baring her ass; it’s the afternoon and she’s so drunk that she has to be walked home and sometimes dragged.

Deena partied her ‘hair off’ at Aztec, she was a tangled mess when they got back home and the girls had to cut some of it out before they got ready to go back out again in the evening.

Time to go out to Karma where The Unit is meeting them and Mike has to remind everyone about his hook-up with Snooki. Does he think about anything else??  Snooki spends her time with Jionni while Pauly D happens upon a tattooed girl that is DTF, totally Vinny’s type and who is really into him, doesn’t take long before he heads back home with her.

The Situation and  The Unit are searching for Snooki and a fight breaks out in the bar. The Unit was the cause of the fight and had to be thrown out of the club causing their little game to come to an abrupt end. S nooki heads out with Jionni, she just wants to get under the sheets with him. Meanwhile Pauly D. is making out with the tattoo girl he met at the bar.

The next day The Situation is tired, but heads out to work at the tea shop. Ronnie is fed up with Mike anyway, JWOWW as well cause both of them do nothing anyway.

The gang all get together and call Vinny, who is happy at home and sorry that he had to leave them. Pauly D brags about smashing a girl in Vinny’s old bed, he even made her call him Vinny. Snooki tells Vinny that she wants him to come back, there is nobody to flirt with.

Everyone is missing Vinny, but it is time to cheer up to celebrate Vinny’s birthday properly. The girl from Bosnia ends up finding Mike at the club and he also finds Paula, so he decides to give Ms. Bosnia to Pauly D. as a birthday gift.  Deena meets a guy and it just so happens that she also hooked up with his twin last year. Since it is Vinny’s 31st birthday, he figures why not take the girl from the club home since she wants to go with him so bad. Drunk Deena has a guy with her and Pauly was rejected birthday sex, he’s so pissed him off that all she wants to do is talk, so he calls her a cab. Sammi is thinking that Mike has real feelings for Paula and she calls Paula dirty and grimy but still a nice girl.

There’s a knock on the door; it’s Pauly D’s reject Bosnia girl who now wants to hang out with Mike who just so happens to be busy. Mike has no idea what to do with her and she starts questioning him about Paula who he ain’t going to give up because she equates to triple A: you call her and she’s there. Finally, Pauly D admits that he would love to have a girlfriend and since he and Paula are getting along really well, maybe this could work to his benefit.

The next morning, Pauly D is excited that his family is in Jersey to surprise him, his mother brought his barber there to cut his hair for his birthday – the best present in his opinion. This is the happiest Pauly D has been since Vinny left. On the other hand, Mike is sad that his family didn’t show up for his birthday. The girls decide to plan a surprise birthday party for the boys but first they must interview strippers. The house goes to Rivolis for Pauly’s birthday along with his family, but he really misses Vinny and wishes that he was there. Mike is now so  jealous of all the love that Pauly is getting he decides to go sulk in a corner. Mike feels like he’s all alone, is that the price you pay for being the bad guy? Even though he can some times be a real douchebag, it was really mean how they treated him on his birthday.

Mike is really upset about he was treated, everyone made so much of Pauly D’s birthday and they did nothing for his. The next day, Mike leaves without telling anyone and Deena comments that they are down to six, they are dropping like flies.