Jessica Simpson At Hospital Giving Birth!

Jessica Simpson At Hospital Giving Birth!

Jessica Simpson was zoomed to hospital in Los Angeles this morning to give birth!  Surrounding by her mother Tina and sister Ashlee as well as other friends and family Jessica is ready.

Has Jessica already given birth – we will keep you updated as the news rolls in.  Jess sure looked ready to give birth – hopefully everything goes smoothly.

TMZ has the exclusive

It’s been 87 months in the works … but IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING … Jessica Simpson and several members of her family arrived to an L.A. hospital this morning … because it’s BABY TIME!!!!

Jessica, her mother Tina and her sister Ashlee just arrived to the hospital … along with Eric Johnson’s parents.

Jessica has looked like she’s been ready to pop for weeks … but the little Johnson inside her wasn’t ready to come out.

It’s POSSIBLE Jessica has already given birth … but we just don’t know yet.

So far, no word from Jessica’s people.

Stay tuned …

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