Jessica Simpson Bullied For Her Weight: Talks About Her Diet Struggle

Jessica Simpson Bullied For Her Weight Talks About Her Diet Struggle

Can you imagine how tired Jessica Simpson must be of hearing about her weight?  The nasty comments are rampant: She’s still fat. She’s gaining instead of losing. Is she pregnant again?  The speculation goes on and on and no one is more insecure about their body than a new mom that is struggling to knock off the pregnancy pounds. This week the starlet turned to US Weekly to talk about how she has safely lost 60 pounds.

She also  keeps insisting that she’s a normal person and not meant to be a stick figure. Think about it, if your friend lost 60 pounds of baby weight you’d be thrilled for her so really, why is Jess treated any differently? In her cover story she tells readers that she’s only ten pounds from her pre-baby body and she details her meal plans and workout schedule.  “I’m 10 pounds away from my prebaby size!”  say Jesssica.

Also inside get the latest details on the Italian wedding of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. We already know that she wore a stunning pink custom Couture gown and that Justin serenaded her as she walked down the aisle. US also scored more inside info on this much anticipated wedding.

Am I the only one that is sad to see the demise of the latest Bachelorette couple? I mean, I really wanted to see Emily Maynard and Jef Holm make it. They seemed so sweet and so real on camera. However it sounds like Emily and Jef are both very different people behind the scenes. She’s rumored to be a cheating liar that is just fame seeking at any cost. Jef went from a nice guy to one capable of bribing his girlfriend. He threatened to tell the press all of her dirty secrets if she didn’t pay up. Now it looks like he is talking anyway, working out a deal for a tell-all book and obviously this is not sitting well with Emily. Pick up the latest issue of US Magazine to get more information on these stories and more!

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