Jewish Mila Kunis Attacked By Anti-Semitic Ukranian Politician Igor Miroshnichenko With Racist Slur

Jewish Mila Kunis Attacked By Anti-Semitic Ukranian Politician Igor Miroshnichenko With Racist Slur

The world might not come to an end today, but once again a small part of humanity shows why the world should end abruptly and without warning. An Ukranian politician, Igor Miroshnichenko, deliberately used an Anti-Semitic slur in a recent – quite silly – Facebook rant. The hate-filled words were directed at none other than the beautiful Mila Kunis – one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses. Kunis’ heritage – being an Ukranian Jew – was exploited by Igor during his Facebook bitch, where he said that Kunis is not a true Ukranian, “because she’s a zhydovka” – this word was used against Jewish people since the Holocaust and translates to the derogative meaning of “dirty Jewess”.

An international uproar bled from this incident and caused Ukranian Jews to protest against the Ukranian government. Also, the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, sent a letter to the Prime Minister of the Ukraine and expressed “outrage and indignation against the slanders of the Svoboda Party directed against the Jewish community in the Ukraine.” In the letter, Rabbi Marvin Hier discussed the meaning of the term and that it “was used as an insidious slur invoked by the Nazis and their collaborators as they rounded up the Jews to murder them at Babi Yar and in the death camps.” The Simon Wiesenthal Center has since called on the Ukranian Prime Minister to “publically condemn this attack and to take measures to defeat the xenophobic forces that threaten your democracy.”

On the other end of the spectrum, the Ukranian government asserted in a statement that there was nothing Anti-Semitic about the word “zhydovka” and that it appears in the Ukranian dictionary as a term for a Jewish person. Of course this comes from the government of a country famous for it’s collaboration with the Nazis and mass murder of Jews – so what would you expect from such creatures. Do we need to remind everyone that there are many words in the dictionary for peoples of many ethnic groups that are racial slurs?

Kunis, who is in the middle of this international debacle, has yet to respond to Igor’s senseless and mindless attack, but don’t expect any form of reciprocation from Kunis in the upcoming days.

It is indeed a tragic world we live in.

Below are pics of Igor

Jewish Mila Kunis Attacked By Anti-Semitic Ukranian Politician Igor Miroshnichenko With Racist Slur


3 responses to “Jewish Mila Kunis Attacked By Anti-Semitic Ukranian Politician Igor Miroshnichenko With Racist Slur”

  1. anna says:

    not thait i am in any way condoning what he said but “zhydovka” does not mean dirty jewess. zhydovka just means jewish in female sense. Dirty jewess would be “brudna zhydovka”.

  2. Jarod says:

    As a representer of ukrainian jew community, I must apologize for Mila’s
    words about ukrainians. It is not true ukrainians are anti-semitic
    people, Mila just wanted to increase her popularity telling that. You
    know, poor girl, everyone hates her & so on. That is not true! I
    live in Ukrain 27 years and I’m jew and I’ve never heard any bad words
    in my adress. About Miroshnychenko: “Jydivka” means jewish girl. He
    never said “dirty”.

  3. Woon Deadn says:

    Guys, if you have no enough information, or want to cheat your readers intentionally, at least, have guts to tell it.

    There was not a reason to get attention. Someone in Igor’s FB page commented upon how great Mila is, and that she’s Ukrainian. Igor like many other Ukrainians was so angered by the stupid unreal stories Mila tells about her childhood in Ukraine that he responded, telling Mila never told anything positive about her homeland, so may she love America or Israel. Ukraine cannot attach her to it, since she always says she is Jew and she is American, but never she is Ukrainian (at least, in a positive way). WTF did Igor do wrong, I ask you?!

    Mila says her family had to escape from their unknown by anyone in the world little-little city because of terrible antisemitism.

    OK, let’s turn to facts. Mila herself stated in an earlier interview that her parents (both are Jews) had amazing jobs, they were not poor and were a lucky family. Both of her parents had surely graduated from the Universities, btw. Which is surely called antisemitism…

    In the late 80s-early 90s many people from the USSR were embarassed by the to-be breakup of the USSR. They wanted some stability, they saw they can go to the richer countries to earn more money than they could have earned in the USSR. It is an understandable point!

    Surely, everybody wanted to move to the USA. Jews massively made, invented fake stories of how oppressed they were. Embassy of the USA cried with tears and gave them visas as soon as possible. Mila’s parents did the same trick. Let it be, but now their daughter that hardly can remember what really happened in 1990 when she was 7, defecates over her native country in every interview, repeating her parents’ fairy-tales. Mixing it with absurdist unreal facts. Like that they got only one TV channel, though there were three at least. Swastika in the Soviet Union’s school? Is she an idiot?

    As for zhydovka, it rather has negative connotations in Russian. In Ukrainian language its equivalent zhydivka (that Igor really used) can be used in either negative or simple neutral meaning. Zhydovka/zhydivka is derived from the word Jude, Judaic.

    As for the very little almost village where she was born, I invite you to read the Wikipedia entry on Chernivtsi. You may be surprised.

    I can understand Igor 100%. Whether he wanted to offend her using the word in a negative meaning (I think it’s what he did), or not, I understand him.

    Mila is a kike. Her family is a family of kikes. There are normal people called Jews, Hebrews, and there are kikes.