John Travolta Does Damage Control And Releases Mother’s Day Video With Kelly Preston (Video)

John Travolta Does Damage Control And Releases Mother’s Day Video With Kelly Preston (Video)

In a blatantly obvious form of damage control, the John Travolta and Kelly Preston released a touching and heartfelt Mother’s Day video that John “I like male masseurs’ hands but not their penises” Travolta made for his wife last weekend.

Kelly Preston posted the four-minute clip and wrote on her website, “My husband, Johnny, made his directorial debut creating a special Mother’s Day video for me. I was so moved and love it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you.”

Sketchy, ya? If she liked it so much why did she wait until masseur #3 came forward with another spa room sexual assault story? Have they ever shared intimate family photos on the web like this before? I know they’ve taken family photos for magazine covers but I think this is new.

You guys know I can be cynical and perhaps have an overused, hyperactive bullsh*t detector, so I’ll try to take this video at face value. The montage is set to Barbra Streisand’s That Face (oh, boy I could say something right now but I won’t) and features pics of Kelly and John’s wedding day and more recent photos of their children, baby Benjamin and Ella Bleu. It also has photos of the couple’s son Jett, who died two years ago in the Bahamas at the age of 16.

Ok, I tried to stay open-minded but I can’t help myself and now I’m uber annoyed. I don’t doubt Travolta made the video for his wife. I don’t doubt that he loves her and his family. I doubt the timing of the release. If this video was released to the world as a goodwill publicity stunt reminding everyone of John the Family Man, then screw you Travolta family! How dare you use your deceased son’s photos to sway my opinion. That’s sick. That’s sicker than their rumored faux marriage and that’s sicker than all the disturbing sexual allegations.

I was willing to just laugh all this off before as just a sad man’s sad life but now I really think Travolta and all he stands for is beyond redemption. But I’m still willing to talk it out. Do you think the family released the video so the public would forget about John the Sexual Predator in lieu of John the Father or is Kelly really proud of her husband?

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