Johnny Depp Says Robert Pattinson Looks Like An Underwear Model

Johnny Depp Says Robert Pattinson Looks Like An Underwear Model

Do you see Edward Cullen as an underwear model?  Well Johnny Depp does – and the celeb is all keyed up about his Dark Shadows role as Barnabus Collins.  He says that Robert Pattinson better know that his place as head Hollywood vampire is under threat – Johnny claims that he is the Alpha Vampire!

Frankly I don’t see Johnny or Rob as scary vampires.  I recall watching the original 1922 classic, ‘Nosferatu,’ at a horror film festival in Toronto and thinking that modern movie makers and actors could learn a lot from the old masters.  Of course I have thought the same thing countless times at the cinema – but what can you do.  Art for art’s sake is as foreign a concept to Hollywood as celibacy is to Teen Moms.

Hollywood Lifereports:

Johnny Depp is portraying a vampire in his latest film, Dark Shadows, and he has some sage advice for Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson!

“There’s room for two vampires on this block — as long as he remembers I am the Alpha Vampire,” Johnny told Us Weekly.

This is the eighth film the 48-year old actor is collaborating on with his longtime friend, Tim Burton.

“I think it was during Sweeney Todd where I just blurted out in mid conversation, ‘God, we should do a vampire movie together where you actually have a vampire that looks like a vampire,’” Johnny revealed to Movie Line.

Unlike “vampires that look like underwear models,” Johnny envisioned his undead character donning ghostly make-up and fangs. The actor said he’s always been fascinated by monsters and the erotic nature of bloodsuckers adds “a darkness, this mystery, this intrigue.”

When asked about the types of roles he still wants to take on, Johnny revealed, “I think there are still more boxes to be ticked. But, this was a big one for me.”

There you have it – more hype from the star of Dark Shadows.  And by the way, does Johnny think that he is all that different from an underwear model?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.