Justin Bieber Defends Selena Gomez – Warns One Direction’s Niall Horan To Back Off!

Justin Bieber Defends Selena Gomez –Warns One Direction’s Niall Horan To Back Off!

Justin Bieber stepped up and threatened the arrogant Niall Horan of One Direction to stay away from his lady, Selena Gomez, at the 2012 Kids’ Choice awards.  It seems that Justin caught Niall flirting up a storm with beautiful Selena and told him in no uncertain terms to back off.  No way was our man Justin going to accept anyone, let alone a singing rival, make a move on his Selena.

Justin was so angry after he caught Niall making a move on Selena that he ‘was ready to explode.’  He took the lad aside and told him what was what and ‘warned Niall to stay away from Selena!’

Hollywood Life reports the Star exclusiveWe’re shocked there was drama between the two hunky singers — find out the confrontation that went down at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are so in love, and when One Direction star Niall Horan allegedly hit on her at the 2012 Kids’ Choice Awards, Justin stepped up to defend his woman!

Justin, 18, was super-mad when he saw Niall, 18, flirt with Selena, 19, at the March 31 ceremony, Star reports.

“Niall made a beeline for Selena and poured on the charm,” a source close to the situation said. “When he looked into her eyes and said, ‘You’re beautiful,’ Selena melted.”

What a shocking accusation! Justin responded by stepping in to manage the situation.  “He was stewing while it went down,” the source said. “He was ready to explode. Justin took Niall aside and warned him to keep away from Selena.”

Justin has displayed jealousy regarding Selena before.  Could he be just the least little bit insecure about his manhood?  After all, Justin is only 18 and Selena is one of the most beautiful young women in Hollywood – the competition must be ferocious!  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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33 responses to “Justin Bieber Defends Selena Gomez – Warns One Direction’s Niall Horan To Back Off!”

  1. Cody Simpson & Jaden Smith are also jealous of Niall, now he is to star in the movie ‘Fledgling Jason Steed’ Jaden and Justin go back a way so he has it in for Niall.

  2. Justin is just like Cody Simpson & Jaden Smith. Those two are also jealous of Niall now he is to star in the new movie Fledgling Jason Steed

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  4. Becca M says:

    “… the arrogant Niall…” Haha what?! Niall is most definitely like the least arrogant person in One Direction! Wow…

  5. flyby99 says:

    niall arrogant …” oh plz that is bull

  6. fuckoff says:

    okk thats a lie because justin actually like 1d

  7. Tim says:

    im glad we live in the year 2102….

  8. Liyah1016 says:

    so if niall dont back off what is justins really going to do . selena gomez is a beautiful girl of course theres going to be guys that have a crush on her nd going to flirt and plus im pretty sure she gets mad when justin girl fans be like ohhhh i love justin im pretty sure she gets jealous to but does she make a big commotion about it noooo …. he really needs to stop

  9. Allauthorityshouldbequestioned says:

    “the arrogant Niall”?? You’re totally ignorant and rude and you don’t know this guy at all. He is one of the most kind and humble persons on the earth. This article is just another yellow bullshit, written just for the snooping and making of noise, without any understanding or a bit of thinking. There’s no way this is true at all, since Justin is good friends with Niall, who is one of his great admirers.

  10. Destini Janae says:

    I Think Justin Was Rude. Niall Idolizes Him, And For Him To Do That Is Just Bougus. I Love Justin, But He Took It Too Far..

  11. Thea Noelle says:

    Wow. And Niall’s a fan of Justin Bieber? I hope not anymore.. :/

  12. Kyona123 says:

    Justin, Niall is a total sweetheart. He would never do anything to break you and your girlfriend up. Dont go hating on him. Niall was just being the lovely lad he is.

  13. Anon says:

    First of all wow I didn’t know we where in the year 2012 and second this article is pure bullshit. hat never happened and Justin and Niall are good friends now

  14. 1D4EVER says:

    This is bullcrap. Niall is the least arrogant of one direction. And Justin was being completely rude.

  15. 1D4EVER says:

    This is bullcrap. Niall is the least arrogant of one direction. And Justin was being completely rude.

  16. Problem Solver says:

    Justin Beiber is not one of my fav people at all but its his lady and she can say its over if she has a problem with it but she doen’t so Justin actually has a right to say what he thinks and so does she im not taking any side but those little bs comments are not needed and out of thousands of other girls y does that “Niall” need her theres pretty ones out there just look and im not saying Selena isn’t pretty dont get me wrong she is BEAUTiful but there are different people that like different things and those different people are ya’ll taking which ever singer ya’ll like best side its not ur problem so stay out of it!!!

  17. Taysmith0130 says:

    everyone knows Niall has a crush on Demi

  18. Kat_loves_1D says:

    Arrogant? Niall Horan.. Arrogant? What? Oh please. He’s the last thing from arrogant. Justin is more arrogant than Niall will ever be. Whoever wrote this better be hiding, because directioners will mess you up

  19. Breezii421 says:

    *cough* Bullshit *cough*

  20. Cait says:

    First Niall loves Justin so he would never try to steal Selena, he was probably asking her all about Justin and how amazing he is. Second Niall fancies Demi. And last Justin and Niall are friends.

  21. 1D forevah says:

    Niall arrogant? Pshhh oh please… -.-

  22. Robert says:

    One Direction didn’t even go to the Teen Choice Awards this year, did they? Didn’t Demi and Kevin hosted right? I remember they won but they played a video because they weren’t there.

  23. Robert says:

    Wait, never mind. KIDS Choice Awards. My bad :}

  24. john loukis says:

    holy crap that was wild

  25. john loukis says:

    i don’t get it.i mean everybody likes selena gomez but it doesn’t mean that mr bieber has to be mad.for example if i give flowers and flirt her bieber will say to me to go away from her,this the way to extreme for him

  26. I think its fake.. Niall is not Arrogant.. he is not kind of a boy doing that!

  27. Jennifer Radilla says:

    This is probaly fake ! I don’t think this is real besides people always get it wrong. Besides Jelena love eachother and Niall is a fan of the Biebs .And whoever wrote this HOMEBOY or HOMEGIRL whatever , YOU BETTER BACK OFF OR DIRECTIONERS WILL GET ON YOU AS FAST AS YOU CAN SAY NANDOS ! we don’t let arrogant people mess with our boys. *hmmppphh*
    remeber Jennifer R.F.

  28. Omar Koatz says:

    Hard to believe how clue-less some people are regarding why Niall Horan was labeled arrogant.

    Definition of Arrogant:
    making claims or pretensions to superior importance or rights; overbearingly assuming; insolently proud.

    Niall Horan definitely was ‘overbearingly assuming’ by flirting with Selena in the presence of her b/f. The Beib handled it professionally, ’cause a lot of other guys would have given Niall a knuckle sandwich.

  29. Roxy Noboa says:

    I think it is good to show jealousy sometimes. Show me someone who is not jealous and that will show you lack of love.