Justin Bieber Erases Selena Gomez From His Art and Life: They Are OVER!

Justin Bieber Erases Selena Gomez From His Art and Life: They Are OVER!

At least Justin Bieber found one quick way to erase Selena Gomez from his life. His upcoming single Beauty and the Beat features a line that references Selena, rapped by the infamous Nicki Minaj and as of now that verse will never, ever be uttered live. On the album Nicki raps,

Justin Bieber, you know I’m a hit ’em with the ether, buns out, wiener, but I gotta keep an eye out for Selena.”

It’s far too late to remove it from his album but there’s no way in hell Justin wants it repeated live. He also realizes that it could cause drama for those girls in the audience that feel bad for Selena. They may love Justin but if the cheating rumors are true then that will make him a douche bag in the love department and there’s no way he is going to voluntarily tap into that while surrounded by a sea of 14 year old girls.  He is better off just pretending the lyric was never there.

I’m betting Selena is trying to break some of those connections between her and Justin and this is a pretty good start. The question is, does Justin really want her back?  We have heard that he believes it is a temporary split and that Selena will eventually take him back, again but I’m not so sure that I believe that. Breaking out Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River seems to tell a totally different story, don’t you think?  That seems to point to a guy that’s pissed off and totally over the relationship!

What do you think the real story is here with this couple?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.